Weekend News – Sinkhole Trickles Up the Media Vine – Breaking: Driveway re-appears at sinkhole!


Thanks, readers! You topped 300,000! Who says the sinkhole isn’t ‘news’?

Conn. Post La. lawmakers to discuss sinkhole in Feb.

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) Louisiana lawmakers are planning to hold a joint meeting of the committees in mid-February about the large sinkhole in northern Assumption Parish.

State Sen. Rick Ward III, vice chairman of the Senate Natural Resources Committee, tells The Advocate (http://bit.ly/10T0CK8 ) the joint hearing, which he said has been discussed for months, would likely be held at the State Capitol.


Health Dept. Gives NEW Update

– but leaves OUT all the information!

The Louisiana DHH’s new Bayou Corne situation update has what they tested for but NO info on the results. Notice NO testing for radioactive elements. Don’t worry. They say nothing in Bayou Corne poses a health hazard.

On Wings of Care has done a NEW FLY OVER!

Great! ENE-News – New Extended Flyover of Giant Sinkhole: “We are finding that things actually look a bit worse”

LINK – http://youtu.be/6WyETiVoKIg

And . . . LOOK!


Rainbeaudais has a bit to add about the ‘driveway’ < comment on ENE-News.

Freedomrox points out that cheap driveway material shows what a half effort this response is.

On the Wings of Care – Bayou Corne OWOC Flyover

Crosstex has a Jan. 20 update listing the status of their butane cavern about to be leaned on by next-door-neighbor-cavern.

-Well #1 – 2,897 barrels of propane
-Well #2 – 146,231 barrels of normal butane

By now they may be nearly done with their product migration from Well #1 to (too close by our estimate!) Well #2.

2.0 quake in Greenbrier, Arkansas  |   MAP

Did you know they moved over 200,000 lbs. of explosives (so far) at Camp Minden?  And they’re STILL not done!

“Workers moved more than 400-thousand pounds of powder, bringing the total to just less than four million pounds.”

Dec. 3 story: Camp Minden explosive situation far worse than expected


The info on where the road dept., DOTD, has Bayou Corne survey points to measure ground movement is on this page.


The Advocate – Assumption may be site of sinkhole hearing

^ planned for mid-Feb.

Salon: The Shameful Bobby Jindal

1.5 quake  at Tellico Plains, Tennessee   |   MAP < a lot of the Tenn. quakes are near Knoxville, like this one.

NO Inspection Reports from DNR since Jan. 24 . . .   hmmmm

The helicorders are acting crazy … but that’s not news these days!

1.3 quake in Marston, Missouri   |   MAP

LINK – http://youtu.be/GPgaw-sLvpo



shortlink to this page –  http://wp.me/p2GNDM-1E3

15 thoughts on “Weekend News – Sinkhole Trickles Up the Media Vine – Breaking: Driveway re-appears at sinkhole!

    • maybe that is ref. to the community meeting that is Feb. 6. One at the end of this month to.
      This news item is about Louisiana State Senate … so i would guess that would take place in Baton Rouge.

    • Well #1 – 2,897 barrels of propane
      -Well #2 – 146,231 barrels of normal butane

      I saw that a couple of days ago, and went through every update. Someone made a boo-boo. All that butane in Well#1 did not magically change into propane overnight. Crosstex 2 is the closest to the failed salt cavern, and they are supposed to be drawing down into #1. The updates tell a different story.
      Originally, Well #1 had isobutane in it, and had to be gotten rid of. It was. Instead of emptying the butane into well 1 immediately, they topped off Well#2 first to 950,000 barrels.
      Although capable of 700 barrels per hour, of cross transfer, CT decided they would only put enough butane into Well 1 to cover customer demands, and this has been the case every since.
      It is understandable to a point. This keeps the drawdowns at lower grades, so the bladder is only extending and brining out in the lower levels of the cavern, but leaves an enormous amount of butane at risk in Well#2.
      Check it out, Well #2 should have been cleared two months ago but still has 146,231 barrels, and it won’t drop very much in the near future. Well 1 is the customer transfer cavern, and you can’t migrate while pumping out.
      Very dangerous game Crosstex is playing. One they may not live to regret.

      • My point is, with the small amounts they have ever put into Well# 1 suggests they have concerns as to integrity of the cavern…. What do they know that we don’t? Why never put more than 20000 bbls into Well# 1? Time to start looking into MIT’s and find the Well number of Crosstex No. 2

      • My understanding is they leave something in there to keep some pressure inside to hold up the walls.
        I may be wrong.
        Why didn’t they just sell it off instead of storing it SO nearby??
        Have they not heard of Domino effect??

        You know there is a scary scene in the movie “Tora, Tora, Tora!” that is a
        film making accident they left in. A bunch of parked planes were on a runway with timed detonators for an action scene.
        They were to go off in a sequence with stuntmen running around avoiding explosions.
        But they all went off, each catching the plane next to it just like in war!
        Poor stundmen narrowly missed getting killed. That propeller thrown off is really a propeller thrown off.
        They didn’t have CGI back then.

        I feel that will be what will happen to #1 & #2.

  1. N2 is nitrogen. C1 ethane C2 Methane C3 propane C4 butane C5 Pentane
    If there is an I in front of the numbers it’s an isomer. IC4 Isobutane IC5 Iso-Pentane
    Ic5 would be about the heaviest hydrocarbon I would expect to see in a natural gas line.

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