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Waiting for the other shoe to drop at Lake FUBAR . . .


There is a new dynamic at play. Boots are need on the ground

Freedomrox comments on newer info about the salt dome collapse –

I see now why LDNR reports were so slow in coming. Most Vent wells are Shut In, and ones East are building a slow pressure, while high pressures persist in the subdivision. Oxy 3A is supposed to be de-pressurizing but still jumping all over the place. As of the 28th, Casing Pressure rebounded. Meaning fluidic movements continue to exchange. There is a new dynamic at work here…and not sure what it is…. Long wave seismic signals persist, and a few small bumps in activity showing rock migration in fluids, but no serious rock falls in two days. This is indicative of gas migration on the down low, and a very slow build up in the voids.
This suggests it is finding another vent outlet…but where?
It’s not enough to stop the inevitable ‘belch’, but again, there is a new dynamic at play. Boots are need on the ground as this suggests an even larger tear of the claytard westwards and somewhat eastwards. People working out by the berms must be seeing the bubbles in a somewhat straight line towards the closest west side homes.
Please let me know, if possible… I am sure CBI, (or more appropriately CSI for Crime Scene Investigation), and ITASCA know this, but won’t release the information… TB must be getting very paranoid after the Senate Committee Hearing.

(Freedomrox can be contacted by replying to his comment here or through his blog)

A new DNR Inspection Report is out (Feb. 28)

Feb. 25 Texas Brine ‘dashboard’.

NORM, meet TENORM. TENORM stands for Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material… as in fracking waste.

Parish fly overs –  24 seconds and 31 seconds (almost ONE minute!) SEE the exciting dirt road! Made to hold back giant cypress tree barfing and toxic sludge geysers.


 . . . of dirt road


There haven’t been any Crosstex updates in a week. There was a LOT of earthquake activity in Arkansas this week (map).

Exciting update to that fireball story yesterday.

The Examiner – La. sinkhole emergency zone quakes, methane extends 2 miles

“Methane, now expanding two miles in the emergency area, typically moves ahead of crude oil.”

LEAN – Louisiana Public Service Commission Snatches Energy Efficiency Programs Away  more oil and gas and greenhouse gasses … great!

How radioactive is oil and gas waste? New study

Expecting a lot of methane??  Methanol plant planned at Port of South La.

Sportsman’s Landing has pollution from VOC + more for the Feb. 18-19 DEQ results XML page – (use spreadsheet tool to open) –   no updates since then . . . 


MORE here later . . .


Bayou Buzz on Jindal’s BP Cash Grab

Bayou Buzz – Louisiana legislature making coast clear for Jindal’s BP $ cache take?

“Jindal plans to divert the cash from the BP oil spill settlements. That will only take a majority vote of the leges. . .”

We missed their mention of attorney Stuart Smith’s article on the Feb. 19 senate meeting with residents.

“. . . .the governor continues his embarrassing hiding act on the matter — failing to attend the hearing or meet with the homeowners, after seven months of ignoring the sinkhole. Instead, his office issued a lame statement that “[w]e receive regular updates on the situation…”

That is simply inadequate — and unacceptable. The people of Bayou Corne deserve much, much better. The people of Bayou Corne deserve justice.”

MORE on the BP spill news is at attorney Stuart Smith’s blog (on the sidebar).

DNR Has Inspection Report for Today + GOSHEP Situation Summary + New Slough In


Feb. 27 Inspection Report from DNR   . . . they have Feb. 26 also – on the main page.

AND . . .  New Situation Summary is out.

No company updates since Feb. 21(!) . . .

Lake FUBAR is bubbling in the center and trees fell in admits GOSHEP

Story in The AdvocateSinkhole activities halt work nearby

( NOTE: Original article title in the url: “tremors-detected-sinkhole-work-suspended” )

[snip] . . .  John Boudreaux, director of the parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, said about five to six trees that had been leaning over for the past week along the northeast side of the sinkhole fell in Tuesday morning and that small bubbling spots also have re-emerged in the sinkhole.

“They do have a section in the center of the sinkhole that has that bubbling,”. . .


They claim a 5 foot berm made  of dirt will hold it all back!

“The first phase of an earthen berm surrounding a 71-acre area that encompasses the sinkhole was finished Saturday, providing complete containment of the brine-filled hole. Another phase to bring the berm to a height of 5 feet above ground level is planned.” . . . .  71 acre area” may be a TYPO. It is probably 7.1  — visible in the photo. (70 acres would be 7 miles)

“Work on the sinkhole will be suspended until the subsurface activity slows again, officials said Tuesday. About 80 percent of the failed cavern is now filled, according to the latest estimate from early February.”

Breaking: Fireball Off Louisiana – Over Gulf . . . Updated

From Lunar Meteor Hunters blog just now –

27FEB2013 D. Beebe Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana 03:05 cst 1 Minute plus S to NW facing South Orange ~ Venus Fragmented into ~15 pieces Glowed orange/white leaving a very long tail of sparks directly behind it. Broke into about 15 pieces then pieces slowly faded away. . . .


What the what????

They will have more later. Check back with them for photos etc. The link to their RSS feed  is at the bottom right sidebar.

UPDATE, Feb. 28

[East Texas] woman watches Chinese rocket disintegrate in the sky

BECKVILLE, TX (KLTV) –  A series of bright streaks that passed through the East Texas skies in the early morning hours on Wednesday have been traced back to the re-entry of a Chinese rocket body. . .


short link –

New Damning Evidence Texas Brine Should’ve Plugged Up Ol’ Barfy.


The flat surface is the SHALE INTRUSION INTO THE SALT DOME, and please take note LDNR knew this, and permitted it still, knowing it lay at the edge of the Salt, and on SHALE!

[ illustration]

This Well is currently undergoing a workover and was found to have an anomaly in the casing at 670 ft. This is just below the caprock where it enters the salt. The flat bottom shown is the shale sheath, and the dogleg is the Cementing job. Texas Brine could find the money for cementing both these shallow and potentially dangerously hollow spaces on the edge and sitting upon the Shale, yet could not spare a dime to cement the bottom of Oxy #3, since it was no longer useful to their interests.

OXY GEISMAR # 1 is in danger of failure, (First two pictures shown above), due to the shallowness of it’s depths, and the width mined outwards at the top. If it is truly a brined out well at the end of its usefulness as of 2011, then why was it not plugged and abandoned?