Tuesday News

We think there will be some . . .

1.6 quake  Marston, Missouri   |   MAP

Helicorders: This Joint is Jumpin’! Look at LA10 … starting up this morning …  ON THE OTHER HAND … they are drilling a thousand foot hole on the SW side of the sinkhole for a geophone. Maybe that’s the cause. < Jo Celle confirms they work evening time there on the hole.

Residents – Assumption Parish notification system / sign up

The Dept. of Wildlife & Fisheries has no warning in their list about contaminated fish at Assumption Parish waters. So it must be safe! Why limit yourself to 4 servings per month? It looks like you could eat fish caught in Bayou Corne everyday! 🙂

Bridgeline Holdings, you may remember, runs all those pipelines that go through Napoleonville.


“Today, Chevron Pipe Line Company announced its plans to market for divestiture the Bridgeline Holdings”

Not a peep about it in the financial press. Some disappointing energy news is at the Flying Cuttlefish Picayune.

Many ‘gas leak’ explosions in Omaha

Feb. 1 article by attorney, Stuart Smith – Six months into the sinkhole crisis, Texas Brine decides to see what’s going on down there

Crosstex has a newer update out (Jan. 31 date)

“A sample of a small bubble location was taken with Shaw to determine if the site is swamp gas or


MORE here later  . . .

10 thoughts on “Tuesday News

  1. Actually, the point here is that Bridgeline is the onsite operator and manager for Chevron storage and pipelines at the Napoleonville Salt Dome, just as PB Energy is for Occidental Chemical and Brine.
    What Chevron is doing is the same as Gulf South, except they want to sell off their holdings instead of just abandoning them as Gulf South is attempting to do.
    This is more evidence that the west side is in immediate peril, and the rest do not want to hang around to find out if the whole dome is next.
    Dow will be the last rat to jump ship, since they own the majority of the dome’s contents.

  2. As for the geo’s, look at between 8 pm last night, and before 6 am, and that is where you see the most underground activity. It is definitely gearing up, but slowly. All the drilling and road and berm building is not helping. Btw, their roads are their berms, lol.

    • Nothing wrong with the roads acting as berms. They are a good 10-12 feet high, been there a long time, so solid and stable, and have worked so far.

  3. Invite them all to a fish fry with fish from the Bayou. Of course when they start eating you break out the Burger King and Wendy’s for yourself!

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