New Info from Texas Brine + Friday News

Seismic Activity Closes Well Pad 3 – Inspection Report (DNR)

WAFB – 3 schools closed in BR due to strong chemical smell < with video

Texas Brine has a technical UPDATE!

The big 7.1 Earthquake in the Solomon Is. hasn’t made a blip (yet) on the helicorders at the sinkhole.

Feb 7 – Assumption Police Jury meeting gets heated

Hmmmm –  WWLTV – Transocean, government explain guilty plea  DING-DONG! –  “Moreover, the government praised Transocean for its cooperation and “hard-earned understanding” with federal investigators…”

Strange Sounds – Outrageous! Insurers won’t renew homeowner’s policies of residents evacuated due to Louisiana sinkhole

The New Madrid Seismic Zone is at Significant Risk for Damaging Earthquakes

Is this small quake related to earlier booms report on Strange Sounds about booms & quakes making diagonal line from Texas to N.E. US?


NOTE to Newer Readers and the Press – There is a lot more science, geology and earthquake commentary and info in the COMMENTS here. So, please, don’t miss that additional resource for sinkhole information.


MORE here later . . .

10 thoughts on “New Info from Texas Brine + Friday News

  1. Wonder what Texas Brine is asking from property owners “the associated ACCESS rights?” What is to explain if you are just checking out the land, its got to be more invasive if you have to “explain it”. Is Texas Brine having to explain equipment , property damage/reembursements or lack of, costs, and property owners “responsibilities?” Who is responsible for damage to private property due to the access? Just curious. Would think there should be a legal statement or two involved to protect property owners, citizens and businesses in all this. The citizens of Bayou Corne should have a legal document for TB and DNR to certify remursement for financial losses with up front funds put into an ESCROW account. If the government is telling TB what to do, that might negate any “save” the government from damages letters/statements…can’t have cake and eat it too…

    • I believe if they sign it absolves Tex Brine from damages liability … so no one wants to sign. If they agree to allow the drilling, access, explosives etc. then Tex Brine will just claim termite damage etc.
      But if they are not allowed on … then they are liable for what they do.
      Tex Brine needs to buy the properties (including mineral rights royalties) to get access … but they won’t do it.

  2. Thanks so much, guys! I was able to download the WinZip program and extract the files, but fought all night trying to open them. I have Office, so after I get a little sleep, I’ll go back at it. Thanks again 🙂

    • If you need to locate something in particular in that mass of info … use CONTROL key + ‘F’ key to get a little search box for ‘find’ to pop up.

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