Dallas TV Show Fictionalizes Texas Brine’s Salt Dome Blunder! Video Clip Added

Those Ewings . . . the most evil, greedy people on TV are drilling too close to a SALT DOME.

Tonight’s episode on TNT.

Even Hollywood hack writers know it is foolish to drill into the side of a SALT DOME!

False Confessions

Season 2 Episode 4

Dallas 2012 2×04 Andras then Sue Ellen and John Ross Scene 5  —   snip:

LINK – http://youtu.be/W6Qa6frviUE

A Dream Come True! Hollywood Actors Re-Enact Texas Brine Drama at Bayou Corne!!!

A big, big thanks to You Tube user InsaneLostfan!




25 thoughts on “Dallas TV Show Fictionalizes Texas Brine’s Salt Dome Blunder! Video Clip Added

  1. Have been working hard at something all night that I might need some help on later…so I’m too tired to look it up at the moment, but one of the last news reports about the BP sentencing listed the name of the judge…Triche was her maiden name…maiden name slash married name thing. Wouldn’t have the faintest idea if there’s any relation at all. It is a fairly common name down here. It did catch my attention though, since I’ve heard it so much in relation to the sinkhole. Curious minds might find that interesting.

    • from the Examiner article-

      U.S. District Judge Sarah S. Vance in New Orleans concluded Wednesday that BP Exploration & Production Inc., a unit of London- based BP, “can take responsibility” for the charges tied to the Gulf Operation, the biggest offshore oil crime in U.S. history, “including 11 counts of felony seaman’s manslaughter,” Bloomberg reports.

    • That is Marty Triche’s sister. I have had quite a bit of information on Marty Triche come in. Although an old and powerful political family, Martin seems to be the good guy of them all. He has more money than he can soend in three lifetimes, and still feels ibliged to help out the very poor Parish. Seems Mr. Triche is something of a philanthropist and highly regarded by all that know him.
      I have had several emails from locals stating he truly is a good guy. I therefore bend to the will of the people who do know him and respect him. It was actuallt heart-warming to see this kind of support come about for a public official. If all of this is true, then he truly seems to be a man of the people.

      • Thanks for info.

        I am having ‘slow down’ to connection today … still wrestling with trojan horses that implant on start up.
        So please forgive me for late comment replies etc.

        A miracle if I can update today!

    • oh … I get the jist of it!

      Online now after 8 hours of jiggering!!!

      Oh well, not on the cruise from he11 so I am lucky! 🙂

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