Flood Watch Continued + Mon. News

The flood watch for Assumption Parish is extended through Tuesday afternoon. Updates will go here if we get them. LIVE Radar is in Sunday News — scroll down . . .
Are the berms holding up?

[Baton Rouge] Area temperatures stay above seasonal averages

The AdvocateTriche denies role in family hauling business with Texas Brine

New DNR Inspection report reveals new cracks at the work site:

“Minimal activity around sink hole. Cracks are visible.”

Unexplained underground explosion in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin

3 quakes near MO-Ky-Ark-Tenn border:

  1. Feb. 9 –  1.8 quake near  Gosnell, Arkansas   |   MAP
  2. Feb. 9 –  1.4 quake near Marston, Missouri     MAP
  3. Feb. 11 – 2.2 quake near Ridgely, Tennessee   |   MAP

Explosion Report –

LINK –  http://youtu.be/o2Ep29jAqII

above You Tube channel will get added to the sidebar . . . . PLUS they have a great explosions map (added to the explosions page too).

Chevron has an update about their pipeline.

It looks like we missed this –

Jan. 14 add on to the DNR Directive given to Texas Brine . . . all about the 3-D seismic map project.


Thanks to readers for news tips today  . . . . 

9 thoughts on “Flood Watch Continued + Mon. News

  1. Nuclear Power Plants go on automatic shutdown when the power goes out. When the power grid can no longer accept power – the plant goes in an automatic shutdown mode as designed.

    • yes, that’s well known.
      The world worries now that the inability to resupply fuel for the emergency back up was revealed at Fukushima and seems to be a world wide design error.

      • That is a totally differant senario, they were flooded out, so the onsite generators failed. Remember the great NE blackout? The plants all safely shut down, as there was nowhere to send the power!!!

  2. Worked for a utility in the NE, and it is well known, if you smell natural gas, leave and call 911 Natural gas does not have a smell, they add that so it is recognizable. Pilot lights in gas stoves go out and unless you know what you are doing, you need a professional to relight the pilot light that is always burning. Otherwise, without power, people do things out of desparation to stay warm, kerosene heaters in the house, unvented generators, leaving the ovens wide open. In addition, all the freezing and thawing does cause gas lines to fail, which again, it is imperative to leave and report the situation.

    • yeah, carbon monoxide is a huge danger… and a danger in camping in a tent too.
      People don’t know using the stove for heat is changing the air chemistry … then they pass out.

  3. Helicorder settings. Why is LA13 set to 10,000 micro volts in the X axis of the graph when most others range from 50 to 2000? Ideas please…is this a reasonable setting? Or is it hardware dependent. This is not a concern, as much as a query at this time….Just Saying..

    • That one is set for the 3D sounding, and can be set higher or lower. We could get relatively good sounding s and track the movements of fluids or rock fairly easily, before the took away the small USGS helicorders in concert with the very sensitive geo’s used, but that’s gone. The super sensitive 13 is there to have internet junkies to scream, “Alert, alert!” without understanding how they actually work. It’s essentially a False Alarm projector’s for those that are ignorant of the instruments used.
      In other words, they are screwing with us.

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