LEAN Photos + Tuesday News

Did we post this before? LEAN FLY OVER PHOTOS from Jan. 27th.

Looking around for more pictures of Lake FUBAR . . . .

This photo of huge methane activity is from August (it may have copyright so just a link is posted).

And this

And this

More pictures are in links in the COMMENTS here, contributed by Walter.

The flood watch is extended until this afternoon for Assumption Parish.

ENE-News – Expert: “We’re actually starting to see fractures occurring in this disturbed zone at the surface” around giant Louisiana sinkhole (VIDEO)    from the resident meeting


MORE news here later  . . .

17 thoughts on “LEAN Photos + Tuesday News

  1. That one photo you showing is down the road from the sinkhole
    Oil Sheen on Waterway - Bayou Corne Sinkhole
    Wide Shot of it
    It look like they had a fire across the road on one of those pads bottom of photo.
    Wide Shot of the Bayou Corne Sinkhole

  2. new update…

    12:35 p.m. Slough In Reported
    February 12, 2013 //Earlier today, there was a slough in at the sinkhole. An estimated 50 x 100 foot section sloughed in on the southwest side of the sinkhole. The slough in does not affect Hwy 70 as the event occurred on the opposite side of the sinkhole.


  3. Hey guys, just wanted to say great job and a big thank you for keeping us all informed about what is really going on down there. I wish there were quicker and more definitive answers coming but at least the 3D imaging will be done ahead of schedule (hopefully). I’ll let y’all know if I find anymore info somewhere.

    • oh, the links show up just fine, Walter.

      The photo set link was up with the parish announcement…

      I’ll stick some in. Just been off line all afternoon..

      • I think you for that.
        You can see the two placers there working on in this flyover
        Assumption Parish, Louisiana Sinkhole Flyover Video 1/31/13

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