The Advocate –

“Parish officials reported another slough in the sinkhole Tuesday morning, estimating that the sinkhole swallowed a 5,000-square-foot section on its southwest side.”

Assumption Parish blog has the photo.


Strange Noises At Louisiana Sinkhole Just Hours After 5,000 Ft. Expansion



  1. Take good look at this photo
    You can see the sinkhole in this picture dated 1/31/13
    That brown looking road is the new road in the picture that is where Seismic TBC LA 14 or vent well ORW 14 is at and down the road from that is the old LA03 recorder.
    The other place there working on the new road is the old LA09 recorder right next to I-70 road.
    1-31- 13
    This is dated 1/31/13 as well
    You can see in this picture the two new road there building Top left right next to I-70 road and Bottom left where Seismic TBC LA 14 or vent well ORW 14 is at.

    • yeah, I saw that going off last night … and a few days ago they had 2 biggish ones near Lake Tahoe.

      On the Sidebar – the USGS shakemap RSS feed puts those items up. West coast is shaking from Chile to Alaska.

      • Nevada earthquakes and Tonopah, Nevada oil.
        Mina, Nevada EARTHQUAKE swarm
        The swarm of earthquake is right above the Columbus Salt Marsh.

        What are they saying about oil in Tonopah, Nevada could be the largest oil state ever to have happened in the U.S., including Texas and California,” said Chuck Laser, an oil wildcatter.
        Karim Akrawi, who thinks this field could rival those found the Middle East.

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