Wednesday – Anything Can Happen Day! Plus: Where the New Work Roads Are

Nightmare Sinkhole Out of Control, Cave-ins Continue at Bayou Corne

Newest Situation Summary (Feb. 13)

The State of Louisiana is really making a tidy sum on mineral leases.  They made $1.1 million in January and $1.5 in November alone. So they should have LOTS of funds to throw at Bayou Corne!

Loud booms and strange sounds heard around the Louisiana sinkhole

Walter has pointed out some what’s where details about the sinkhole. Click on image for full size –

That brown looking road is the new road in the picture that is where Seismic TBC LA 14 or vent well ORW 14 is at and down the road from that is the old LA03 recorder.
The other place there working on the new road is the old LA09 recorder right next to I-70 road.


picture from:

You can see in this picture the two new roads they’re building Top left right next to I-70 road and Bottom left where Seismic TBC LA 14 or vent well ORW 14 is at.


picture from:

All about thumper trucksDocument with PHOTOS (50 pages)

We updated our post about the episode of DALLAS on TNT tv showing all about Texas Brine’s  travesty at Bayou Corne thinly disguised as company sabotage. But just for the heck of it – here it is


MORE here later . . . .

24 thoughts on “Wednesday – Anything Can Happen Day! Plus: Where the New Work Roads Are

  1. I have to say that after listening to those videos, if they haven’t started drilling at night, they sound very much like the booms I’ve heard in Missouri. There were more of them in the video, I only heard 2 or 3 back to back. Personally, I think it has to do with the New Madrid fault doing some serious shifting. I know y’all sit on faults down there as well. I hope it’s not a fault, but that’s what it sounds like to me.

    • yeah … I also don’t think it’s work. I lived next to highway widening project (well, pretty far away about 1/4 mile or more) and that pile driver stuff did not go on at night. Workers need sunlight for safety plus the noise carries so far it sounds like it’s ten feet away.
      I think it’s gas.
      google ‘brontides’ … and see more reports at

      • If we saw the cams, then we would have seen the dramatic subsidence events. That would alarm too many people, and evoke an emotional response. Look at the Diasetta, Tx. vids again, and you will see what I mean. People may actually want to do something… also, TV would cover videos, so TB says, no real time cams for you! (meaning us).

    • Here is that flyover for Jan. 31, 2013 and the flyover for Jan. 24, 2013
      Assumption Parish, Louisiana Sinkhole Flyover Video 1/31/13

      Assumption Parish, Louisiana Sinkhole Flyover Video 1/24/13 (2)

  2. Agree, there is no reason to hide the situation. I would think Texas Brine would want to document how “well” they are doing with the situation. Hidden in all the verbage..are the people and property in the area SAFE?? In a sudden event, there would be serious issues with fast evacuation I think. First in notification, second in getting people out..what is the plan in an emergency for the government and Texas Brine to make sure everyone is safely transported? It really is THEIR responsibility- what do those without reliable transportation do? Family members staying home while others are at work. Is there a plan? Hope so. Hope Texas Brine has solutions for all of this as well..

      • Is anyone taking this danger seriously? They are treating this like a “snow day”. I hope the Italian case, where scientists made false pronouncements of safety –and received 6 yrs each in jail for it…Is used for the baseline if anyone is injured due to this “no problem” we know what to do attitude. Who is covering the loss of property values, business and homes? Buy them out at full value, get them out..or FIX it. If Texas Brine can’t fix it, fast, then shell out the dollars to relocate.(OR Occidental..)

        The people in Bayou Corne, this must be terrible to have to determine if they can do what the government says..its safe, dont worry, or what THEY see is happening around them to home and land..

      • o of the GREAT USED of this blog is to show a chronicological order to events as they play out.

        This could all be a legal document!

        And it is no use attacking it with cyber bugs because it ALL backed up!

        I know what it like to leave – slow mo economy catastrophe – but you wind up somewhere… hopefully without radiation!

  3. Not BC related, but is sort of on topic. Ran across this story a couple of weeks ago. CANADIAN company taking woman’s property through OUR eminent domain law for the XL pipeline…and it hasn’t even been approved yet. It will be, of course. But soooo many things wrong in this story!!

  4. It’s my understanding, (and I could be completely wrong) that w henunder a Declaration of Emergency, the U.S. Constitution is suspended…and the government can take your property without any compensation. That might be something for BC residents to find out about from their lawyers.

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