Sinkhole Chex Mix

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Old but good – –

Some LEAN photos –

The Wake Up Project

Louisiana’s Bayou Corne Sinkhole Reaches Historic Proportions

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2 thoughts on “Sinkhole Chex Mix

  1. Frac Focus site seems to have a “glich” too! I was checking out the site. I know you posted as old, but I didn’t know about it. Anyway, first thing on the list was a sinkhole on Michoud Blvd in New Orleans. Never heard about it. And I pay close attention to the news!! That should be HUGE news to everyone in LA, especially in New Orleans. Michoud Blvd is a very important fault! If it’s moving…well, that’s the one that will give way if New Orleans starts to slip into Gulf. Also connects to fault Bayou Corne sinkhole is attached to.

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