Hand Drawn Map of the Worksite & Sinkhole Area

It is from the DNR Inspection Report (last page) from Feb. 5, 2013.





6 thoughts on “Hand Drawn Map of the Worksite & Sinkhole Area

  1. All over the internet Photos and Videos is it true people that love being lie too.
    Am seeing way to many of misleading the people with this flyover the last flyover was in Jan. 31, 2013 not a new flyover they got it for Feb. 14-15, 2013.

    • oh if there was a NEW fly over I’d have it up! Even if I missed it my readers would all send it in.
      Another old story making the rounds as ‘new’ is methane-blow-up risk. Months old story.

    • This is what the residents in BC and Pierre Part are sick to death of, and that is the explosion crap from Dutch and Idaho Picker, and the like. Has anyone ever seen any of their stuff come true? No. When I first started writing about it, it was a consideration, and concerning the pipelines it still is, but we do know now that the methane, oil and waters are coming from deep formations.
      The real story is the enviromental disaster that will last for years. There is still the potential for tragedy here. Especially considering the condition of the western edge of the salt dome, and scientists yakking their heads off rather than doing anything.
      I understand their concerns very well.

  2. There is still a concern due to dangerous gases, H Sulfate, from the formation. Those scientists should really take some actions rather than just offer theories..either they KNOW whats going on..and take action, or they dont know a darn thing and need to let others take corrective actions. Better to say I DONT KNOW, than offer guesses. Kind of black and white, or yes/no…
    Sometimes no one wants the responsibility of a decision..but NO decision in a crisis is just as bad..

    • I have so far not seen ANY serious testing for radioactivity. We know they do not know what/where the ‘NORM’ is and we seriously doubt if they are honest about other rad waste besides ‘NORM’.

      We have the link on the sidebar on how to get your auto air filter tested FREE for radioactivity but so far see no one who has bothered near the sinkhole.

      In S. Calif. where they are getting bombarded with radioactive sea spray and winds from Fukushima the auto filter test is invaluable. Many high readings there. You can see results on You Tube. The car filter is a great air monitor.

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