New Fly Over + Weekend News


Texas Brine has a new update!

DEQ has not given out ANY results on water or soil testing in 2013!

Shame on them!  Page 11 of the latest Situation Summary says they have samples from January that have been analyzed. On page 12 – 14  DHH claims they haven’t gotten any new water samples to look at(!). That big oil sheen at Lake FUBAR photographed by On the Wings of Care shouldn’t change anything with water quality after all.

DHH has a trailer at the site too. Oh, wait — Everyone BUT DHH has a trailer.

An old list of agencies providing support for the Bayou Corne “incident” from the Governor’s Office.


The  DEQ FISCAL YEAR 2012-2013 WORK PLAN has NO mention of Bayou Corne!!


Just to show how much things have changed at the collapsed salt dome zone – check out this Aug. 9 DNR news release:

Today, the Commissioner of Conservation amended the Emergency Declaration dated August 3, issued to Texas Brine Company LLC regarding its salt cavern, requiring these immediate actions:

o   Expeditiously drill a well to investigate the salt cavern and to further evaluate potential causes of the subsidence near its well site

  • Obtain samples of any cavern content
  • Provide daily reports on the progress of the activity

Commissioner Welsh said, “Texas Brine has been ordered to implement these steps as soon as possible and move full-steam ahead. There will also be continual communication with the public on their actions.” Welsh said all information flowing to the department will be posted to keep the public completely informed.

A Fly Over by On Wings of Care  (whose server was down this weekend) –   –  they have PHOTOS TOO!

This PHOTO shows big oil sheen.  The newest article has server problems and we’re waiting for it to be available –

 ENE-News story & video


If that’s a  geyser in the middle of Lake FUBAR then the recent Inspection Reports of ‘small’ bubbling are a pack of lies! They have PHOTOS too but their website is offline now. Hope it is from normal causes.

The AdvocateTruck demos vibes near sinkhole

WAFB – Texas Brine shows off sinkhole mapping device

“Tuesday at 10 a.m. at the state capitol, the House and Senate Environmental Quality committees will meet about the sinkhole’s impact on the community and its residents. “

Reporter Bill Lodge has a good article in today’s Advocate about LSU and corruption.

“Federal court filings show some LSU officials were determined to curb LSU professor Ivor van Heerden’s public criticisms of federal engineers’ design and construction of New Orleans levees that collapsed and drowned hundreds more than seven years ago.”

LSU is heavily endowed by big oil and gas companies and is very involved at the sinkhole.


[Most of the official sinkhole news is in Friday’s post.]

On the Gulf of Mexico – Gas well has leak beneath floor of U.S. Gulf — Has been flowing underground for over 12 days

Strange Sounds has 2 good stories today –
Elementary school closes down permanently because of sinkholes – Unicoi County, Tennessee
and an editorial – No! Tannerite is not the explanation for loud booms around the Midlands!

MORE here later . . . .

21 thoughts on “New Fly Over + Weekend News

  1. Is the ground heating up in Arkansas and it thermal springs?
    Hot Springs, Arkansas takes its name from the world-famous thermal waters that flow into the historic downtown district of the city. About a million gallons of the 143°F water issue forth daily from 47 hot springs.
    M2.0 – 13km WSW of Heber Springs, Arkansas 2013-02-16 01:15:18 UTC
    M1.8 – 33km NNE of Dover, Arkansas 2013-02-16 08:50:48 UTC

  2. With all the earthquakes in the ring of fire it has to be moving everything in the us. Eyewitness account of the new madrid earthquake went all the way to knoxville.. so who is to say that the ground in tn isnt moving and sinking, Totally different reason the La sinkhole is but its just my opinion. Geologist say that middle Tn will have to relieve pressure soon

    • Carol, I watched this 1-hour Nuked Radio video last night. They do mention the Louisiana Sinkhole, too. They talk about New Madrid region.

      Flyingcuttlefish, some good information for you. I’m sure Walter will love this video.

      Watch “Nuked Radio #89 Early2it: Sea Foam, Snow Rollers, Sky Noise, Methane and Geological Uptick EXPLAINED” on YouTube

      • Thanks, Keith. My computer issues are cleared up.
        I had to do a malware de-bug. Took 2 days!

        Hope I am back to normal.

        Just did some updates with files I found looking for trailer photos … bombshell! Total accidental find.

  3. Carol, they do the best they can, as wind shears in that area make it horrific to fly thru in a plane. It’s not like a helicopter that can turn on it’s own axis. It is a plane that has to sail the wind currents under power. Not as easy as they make it look. As for East of there, not much to see, since the Crosstex bubbling would be very hard to pinpoint from the air. Well Pad #3 is still cleared off due to cracks and seismic activity.

  4. There was so many pieces of video put together to make that one video I just don’t know what to think.
    Some were back in Jan.
    Freedomrox your link you got does not work.

    • I went to and searched “Bayou Corne fly over.” The pages were extremely slow to download. There latest event was #360. Flyingcuttlefish, you were requesting event #361. Their last flyover was on 01.26.13.

      • according to their facebook page there is a brand new fly over & photos. The newest is on ENE-News (luckily) …. and I want someone to tell them their website is all broken.

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