Geological Uptick – Nuked Radio #89 (from Jan. 31)


suggested by redaer, Keith C. Mandeville – 😉

Note this video is source of next post from . . .

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ALSO see –  seismic activity news at our parent blog. . . and Large Shallow Quakes LEAPING Up the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

3 thoughts on “Geological Uptick – Nuked Radio #89 (from Jan. 31)

  1. sounds like we could be in for a ride. makes 100% since tho. i have been tryying to figure out how to survive an earthquake on the madrid, nothing like this. There would be no use in planning. 😦

    • my earthquake plan is have some stuff in yr car in case you have to live in it. . . and xerox of ID in there too.
      And sleep in something you don’t mind running out of the house in 🙂

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