Quakes in MO and W. VA

2.7 quake Gassaway, West Virginia < MAP

2.1 quake Matthews, Missouri < MAP



maybe pushing the limits too far this time out of TOTAL GREED ... and trying to cover it up!


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I have avoided for a while giving my opinion and the opinion of many others, the light of day concerning how this geological nightmare in Assumption Parish, Louisiana, also known as the “Great Louisiana Sinkhole”, came into being on August 3, 2012..

I can no longer put this off as so many have sent emails asking for my humble opinion and compilation of the events that led up to the present situation. Please take into account this is not just my opinion alone, and that there is a reputable geologist, hydrologist, seismologist, and a salt rock mechanic, (geologist specializing in salt rock formations), that comprise the team that makes this blog possible. All are volunteers, and they are all greatly appreciated. Most are still engaged in their respective fields, and therefore cannot be named at this juncture, for fear of…

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Reader: An Idea About What is Going On Down Below

Freedomrox’s take

Here’s what they don’t want you to know. Oxy 1 is being bled off twice a day due to over-pressures. Over last couple of days they are preparing to or already have installed a Blow Out Preventer, (BOP), courtesy of Halliburton, of course. Now you might ask why in hell would they need a BOP on a brine well? Damn good question.
Also, there is a wireline that is being run between Oxy 1 and Oxy 3A, presumably a seismic net to seek out a fracture caused as a result of their Barge/Air Gun experiment, which is why Pad 3 caved on both sides, and the access ramp fell in.

Now, what is all means? I dunno…but looking at the fluidic communications taking place at around 200 ft. means the liquids in the aquifer are sloshing around at a good rate being so perturbed by the inrush of methane, which then sets the earth to rocking until it sets the small fault at about 1000 ft. down to 5500 ft. to vibrating like a tuning fork, sparking even more micro-quakes, which in turns shakes the ‘Disturbed Rock Column’ and changes the geology of the underlying sedimentary layers and hence the size, shape, and volume of the voids. This whole system is acting like a fractionating plant, without the benefit of the stainless steel filtering tower, of course.

As I have stated before, and will again, this washing machine effect is creating chemical compositions never before seen upon earth, as well as shaking loose the uranium deposits, speeding up the natural processes that create Thorium, Radium-226, and Ra-228. At some point, this does come into contact with the environment, considering we haven’t a clue where all the venting fractures lead…

Longer explanation from his blog.

Advocate on State Regs & Collapsed Salt Dome

Sinkhole shines light on failings in state regulations

By David J. Mitchell & Richard Burgess

[snip] ” . . . . As is also the case in Texas and Mississippi, the Louisiana Office of Conservation lacks its own research arm and relies heavily on industry and academia for research into salt dome geology and on safely locating and operating caverns.

Also like its peers in other states, the office does not randomly do safety retests on caverns to spot check the testing done by private contractors hired by cavern operators. The agency does review testing plans and the subsequent testing reports, state officials said.

Robert Bea, a University of California at Berkeley professor emeritus of engineering and risk management, said regulators in the United States have historically done a poor job of managing risk and deducing potentially broad troubles from the interpretative and limited data often available in the regulation of companies. He said U.S. regulators often fail to establish a “happy family” relationship between the regulator and the regulated, or parent and child.

“Here in the United States, we have not done such a good job of focusing on responsible, accountable ownership,” Bea said.

. . . .  “Currently, companies must give the Office of Conservation a one-page form when closing caverns permanently. The form calls for technical details about the closure process, known as plugging and abandoning a cavern.

But that “plug and abandon” report has no line asking why a cavern is being closed or what might be left inside it.


No word at all about NORM or TENORM contamination . . .

flying cuttlefish picayune

  • No word in any news media about several meltdowns at once in Japan.
  • A bunch of lies about Chernobyl by same media.
  • No word of the status of nuclear-waste-containing failed caverns in Assumption Parish, Louisiana.
  • No word in any news media about the horror show in Washington state with the leaking radioactive waste zone.

But before all THISeverybody had a Geiger Counter!


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