More Strange Earth Activities in Florida

The man-swallowing sinkhole in Florida over the weekend was roughly near Tampa on the west side of the state. Now there is odd news from quite a bit away in Florida on the west side but lower on the coast near The Everglades.

Now Strange Sounds reports Second Sinkhole Forms In Seffner, Florida – Two Miles From One That Swallowed Jeff Bush (VIDEO)  and – Unexplained loud booming noises around Naples in Collier County, Florida – March 3 2013

These events may be unrelated but something is weird about all these booms the Strange Sounds blog reports on.

  • A is  Marco Is. that has booms
  • B is Seffner, new sinkhole location 2 miles from the man-killing one

A very, very interesting MAP of liquified gas fields in Florida. They are in the west side of Lake Okeechobee . . .   far inland.  Florida Map with Glades County.

A USGS explanation of Florida sinkholes (short video).

16 thoughts on “More Strange Earth Activities in Florida

  1. Television news sites are reporting this morning about a sinkhole 2 miles from the ‘man-swallowing’ one of a couple of days ago in Florida.

    • I saw that … what I wonder is … does something connect way down the coast to the boom noise area?
      I some kind of crack forming under the coast?

      I’m going to look at those offshore rig maps. I have a link for them on the Maps page.

      • I know Florida’s geology is different than Louisiana and is more prone to ‘naturally’ occurring sinkholes…but I thought about the same thing (the oil rigs). They have (or had?) a moratorium on new drilling but allowed old leases to continue…if I’m saying that correctly.

        Folks at Bayou Corne were upset about the publicity that Florida’s sinkhole was getting vs. the lack of it here. My suggestion to them, and to anyone who is interested in advancing awareness for what is going on here, is to take advantage of the attention the Florida sinkhole is getting. Seek out any website posting news of it, go to the comments area and post a link to sites like this one, Freedomrox, YouTube videos the residents have made, etc.

      • yeah, yeah! Comment away! Create a profile (face book or yahoo etc.) that you can use on all the newspapers to save time.

  2. I bet there’s injection wells. All the shaking from that type of activity can’t be good if there are large voids under the surface…whether from naturally occurring dissolved rock, or from water/oil/gas extraction.

  3. Wow! And you’re fast too! I would have been searching for a couple of days. What is that circle with the RPD? Does that stand for reserved petroleum deposit? Straight line between Marco Island and it, then again to Tampa area.

    • Have to go for a little while, but I’ll be checking back in later. Bet everyone here will have the cause of the sinkholes solved by then! And maybe even a link to the BP disaster, too! Actually, I can see how one could exist already 🙂 You know, Alabama had some interesting sinkholes open up lately, as well.

      • Here’s a link just for fun. I’m definately NOT a gamer, but I do like puzzles. This article appeared somewhere along my travels on the Internet quite a while back. It interested me at the time, and it keeps coming to mind lately.

      • oh no! (Alabama) … got to start an Alabama blog and Florida blog and grow arms like Doc Oc in Spiderman!!

        doc oc

    • I dunno … ya got me. I had to zoom it way in to find out it wan’t on the west coast. Give away way Glades County line across the map.

      That is a goldmine.
      Hard to find as I was looking for ‘Florida’ on the page and it was under ‘South Florida’.

  4. Limestone rock just how many Limestone cave’s have i been into over the years in Middle and East Tennessee and Kentucky and West Virginia and Virginia.
    I been in Mammoth Cave Kentucky exploring the cave not open to tourist that been a long time a-go now.
    About Florida
    Wakulla Volcano
    Geology of Jefferson County, Florida
    External links
    Unexplained Booming Sounds
    Spook Hill
    The Nodoroc and Wakulla Mud Volcanoes
    More reading
    Louisiana need to look into Tar Volcanoes deep underground.
    I think a lot of Louisiana salt was form from old Volcanoes in Louisiana.

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