Tuesday News

A reader sent a message.  This person is looking for pressure-in-the-cavern  information from before and when they failed that MIT long ago.

So they plugged a leaking cavern like you should only plug a fully intact cavern in the middle of a salt dome and without finding out where  the leak was (the Vertical seismic profile done end of September 2010 can be interpreted that it’s somewhere below 3400 ft)

Some “missing” documents may turn up in the lawsuits that will start up.

Speaking of lawsuits …. Freedomrox has a new article on who is liable for the cavern collapse (who owns it).

Another lawsuit – Environmental groups sue Coast Guard

Several environmental groups Tuesday filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Coast Guard challenging a denial of two Freedom of Information Act requests from the groups about response to an oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

The groups, through the Tulane Environmental Law Clinic, filed a complaint in U.S. District Court, District of Columbia, asking the court to force the Coast Guard to release information requested in 2011 about leaking wells 11 miles from Louisiana’s coast that were damaged in 2004 during an underwater landslide.

In a separate action, the groups filed a lawsuit against Taylor Energy Co. LLC of New Orleans in February 2012 alleging there were up to 28 wells that continued to leak oil. . . .


Bayou Buzz – Louisiana Governor Jindal hides within his political sinkhole

“Ironically, while Jindal has refused to visit Bayou Corne, environmental activist Erin Brockovich will be making a visit this weekend. It is pretty embarrassing that Brockovich can travel thousands of miles to see the sinkhole, yet the Governor cannot travel a few miles from his mansion in Baton Rouge.”

New Madrid Fault Area Quakes


14 thoughts on “Tuesday News

      • It looks crazy on the helicorders. Same type of readings back when there was a large enlargement of the sinkhole. I don’t recall the date. Too much stuff in my head at one time 😉 Residents said earlier that there were no trucks or police there during the afternoon.

      • it’s massing for another attack … like in The Birds!

        Freedomrox knows how to read those signs.

  1. Even the bottom borehole #03 reading is showing activity and it shouldn’t be effected by trucks or traffic.

  2. Flyingcuttlefish what you said to me.
    Walter, on topic of old maps etc. — you may be interested in this ….

    Click to access 2995.pdf

    I am reading it I got 3.2. Martial Babin
    I think you for that bit of History

    It remind me of the Foxfire students as they looked deeply into their families, their community, and their heritage.
    It started out to help the kids to learn in school there Southern Appalachian heritage as a magazine.
    For over 40 years, high school students in Foxfire programs have helped to gather and publish information about their Southern Appalachian heritage.
    From there it became a book name Foxfire 1# I think they got 12 foxfire books out now.

    Before the first foxfire came out I was in NC helping to build that Log Cabin they have in first Foxfire book and the fireplace a lot of handwork and stone work.
    I didn’t get pay for that I work in the sawmill as well I learn a lot.
    It wouldn’t take much to go back to those times behind a mule plowing a field smelling mule farts all day.

    History of the Offshore Oil and Gas
    Industry in Southern Louisiana
    I stop at 3.2. Martial Babin (July 18, 2001; Galliano, LA)
    Martial Babin is an 80-year old Chevron retiree who

    Click to access 2995.pdf

    • oh, ya know, those Foxfire books were hugely popular all over. Home crafts and farm gardening back in the days when people were making communes with geodetic homes.
      Younguns – you won’t know what we’re talking about.
      Firefox is as famous as Whole Earth Catalog. Really.

      I had family from Great Lakes area and always wanted to make a birch bark canoe. Made a canvas one in high school years.
      Firefox must have new popularity now. . . http://wp.me/pA5vn-2Lv

      • A lot of people do not know what a block and tackle is or what to do with them hand tools a wheelbarrow a pick or a Pick and Mattock, spade fork a coal shovel or Scoop Shovel a Square Point Shovel or what a spade shovel I call them pointed Shovel or How to dehydrate and store food.
        HowStuffWorks “How a Block and Tackle Works”

        Do it you self Build Your Own Digital TV Antenna

        What is a old time Hay Box Cooker you don’t need to Refrigerator food as long as you can keep it hot.
        How did they keep food from going bad in the old days.
        Take dried bean in the morning put it in a pot get it hot then put pot in a hay box cooker and by the end of the day there really to eat.
        A hay box, straw box, fireless cooker, insulation cooker, or retained-heat cooker
        A Hay Box Cooker An Old Invention is making a comeback there making them out of New Materials.

      • oh, tell me. I worked in a bike shop and to do that you have to occasionally change a tire. It is just a thing you must know if you do that activity.
        Nowadays, I’d say the majority of adult customers cannot change a tire or know how to use tire levers.
        There is US how-to dumb-down that is a big threat to getting along if any minor or major emergency cuts off transportation or electricity anywhere.
        After Sandy storm look at the unfortunate carbon monoxide poisoning cases that people should ALL know how to prevent. But they know all about the NBA and baseball etc. etc.
        Don’t even get me goin’ on not-know-nuttin’ mindset today!

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