Michigan Methane & Friday (BIG) News

Related to Methane??

Strange Nature Phenomenon: Fish Die-off In Presque Isle Bay, Lake Erie: Millions of Fish Found Dead On Shorelines – March 1 2013

A lot of odd Michigan events may point to Earth changes up that way.

Western Australia methane bubbles in river:

Swan River, Perth Australia  info

LINK – http://youtu.be/kFPS_2dANKk

Demonstration of Methane Gas Bubbles and FIRE –

LINK – http://youtu.be/QERm5SLhlw8

We missed this in Feb. – Mystery loud booms, New Madrid Fault, Louisiana sinkhole, Mega earthquake: The 1000 words picture

BPEarthWatch,  in below video, points out Texas Brine is listing the distance between the collapsed salt cavern and the butane cavern is measured from ABOVE GROUND. He says it is measured by the doo-dads above ground so that makes the underground closeness not 1,000 feet or 900 feet but a stone’s throw(!).

LINK – http://youtu.be/8R7Att-zrvk

Newest Post (separate) has the Assumption Parish blog announcement about this:

Before It Is News – Another La. Sinkhole Cavern Close to Dome Wall, Officials Concerned

“”The Vertical Seismic Profile Data that has been provided to us by Texas Brine shows that Oxy Geismar Cavern #1 is closer to the outer wall of the Napoleonville Salt Dome than recently anticipated,” Assumption Parish officials have stated on their sinkhole website.”

MORE from the parish –

ENE-News – New development at giant Louisiana sinkhole — Another salt cavern now causing concern for officials  and  – Governor Jindal to meet with local officials about giant sinkhole for first time

WAFB – Second salt cavern near sinkhole raises concerns

Oops! There goes another well pad!

LINK – http://youtu.be/OGBc4-oWb5c

14 seconds of work-road footage:

LINK – http://youtu.be/wzkP-sRhiTA

Texas Brine puts out a Fact-sheet about what a good job they are doing.

“Second Sinkhole on the VERGE OF COLLAPSING” –  WBRZ News Story

Video link 

LINK – http://youtu.be/Boryks1mSi4

  – – – – – –     – thanks to Freedomrox for WBRZ story 😉


from March 1 photo



From OCT. 2012(!) WE ASK: Why Aren’t There More People Working on the Sinkhole Problem?

EVERYTHING on that list is STILL true four months later! Texas Brine coulda, shoulda and didn’ta!

And this is NOT from the parish blog:



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