Seismic Tango Inside the Cavern, updated



MORE FRIDAY NEWS HERE LATER – – we doubt it! News blackout in effect.

DNR Inspection Report (Mar. 15)


Situation from Friday continues SATURDAY. Watch the heicorders.

7 thoughts on “Seismic Tango Inside the Cavern, updated

  1. I have noticed the updates are getting less and less, the last fly by was 30 seconds.

    In the last fly by the was a ring forming in the tree line looked like an area at least 50′ away from the edge. Check it out.. It’s right at the end of the video.

    • that may be why videos are so SHORT and narrow in focus. . .
      Hiding won’t work. The record will reveal the results of DNR’s actions every step of the way.

      Texas Brine (Bayer AG) and Occidental didn’t do what they did without the approval, step by step, of DNR, Conservation[sic] dept. and the state of Louisiana.

  2. Usually news blackouts are imposed because someone doesn’t want the truth to be known. Surely, with all of the seismic activety in the area we will shortly discover the reason for the news blackout.

      • Yes, they are very telling Fcf. Additionally, a lot of the geophones are being worked right by installing OGRW Vent wells and they will be working feverishly until all of them are installed before the Monday Senate Meeting, so expect the seismics to really be covered over this weekend as they are pulling double shifts to get them in. Also, DNR is playing with all of the gas flare cumulative totals to really muddle up the numbers… I estimate about 10 million cu. feet have been flared since the beginning…

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