State Documentation Reveals that Radioactive Materials Were INJECTED into Five Additional Napoleonville Salt Dome Caverns

Looks like they HID this information since August, 2012 when everyone was asking about it.




A truly shocking revelation has been uncovered in SONRIS files concerning the fragile and ‘too close to salt edge’, Occidental Geismar #1, as well as four other caverns on the east side of Grand Bayou.

Last week, it was revealed that Oxy #1 was found to be in potential jeopardy and possible collapse since it lies within 1-200 ft. from the Salt Dome’s edge.

Louisiana Sinkhole: Are more Caverns at Risk?


Concerns raised about 2nd salt dome cavern

Although no real shock to those in the know, what else was found regarding Occidental-Geismar #1 Cavern, turned out to be a real electrifying revelation.

Many community meetings have been held in Assumption Parish with the residents affected by the ‘Great Louisiana Sinkhole’ formed by the failure of Oxy-Geismar #3 salt cavern known to be on the edge of…

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75 thoughts on “State Documentation Reveals that Radioactive Materials Were INJECTED into Five Additional Napoleonville Salt Dome Caverns

  1. I think it might have surprised a few of them to see the evidence that was gathered and then to see them speak up and defend themselves. I think it will be inspirational for others who have their own battles to fight! I wish you could have been there, Freedomrox.

      • Me too! Then we’d know the next steps to take. They have all sorts of advantages over us. But, odd things happen. God favors the least. When the least prevail, all recognize where the power truly came from.

  2. How can we get the video of the meeting out? Can I just post a link to where I watched it? The public needs to see it…a lot!

  3. Excellent work freedomrox!! I bet they’re really nervous now. This partially explains the lack of interest in providing more detaild reports of the entire situation.

  4. At this point I hope there will be a rug left to sweep under. There’s no telling what wil happen when they start detonanting pentalite. Methane + Pentalite + ignition source = YOU ME WHAT YOU THINK! I have a good idea.

  5. Any rock can be radioactive, but
    Any rock can be radioactive, but in particular igneous rocks tend to have radioactive properties. This is because they may have radon gas trapped in their crystals, which, under pressure, is released (this is why radon gas is used as an indicator of an upcoming earthquake). Radon gas is radioactive, and this causes the rock to be radioactive also.
    Granite rock for one

    What is NORM and TENORM.
    What is NORM? Naturally Occurring Radioactive. Materials (NORM) are radioactive substances that exist in all natural media: soils, rocks, water, and even air.

    Click to access Marcellus_issue4.pdf

      • All I am saying is know what you’re talking about or they can take you apart.
        One thing to know.
        Radioactive mud around your house.
        Black Mud Dauber or Organ Pipe Mud Dauber have been found building their nests out of Radioactive mud.

    • if anyone forgets about TENORM – I had in a post way back and I put a tag on that word to make it easy to look up.
      I think the rad waste (fracking waste?) put in the caverns would be a little concentrated.

    • Walter, you are the one who put me on to the idea that Louisiana might be volcanic, when you posted about the state rock being an agate. My memories of life in northern California kicked in. And, sure enough there is tons of evidence of our volcanic history.

      • yeah! Who knew about Yellowstone blast hitting all the way to the Gulf? Also, Walter, that volcano item was picked up all over the web and re-posted.

  6. Yeah it stinks to high heaven and I am still trying to get my little family out of the “zone” – I’m not ready for the disaster yet! I’ve been praying G-d would give us even one more month before the big boom. It seems like so little of an amount to save them, but money is so bad right now.

    • I hope all evacuees keep records of the INTEREST they have to pay credit card co.s as they charge their way away from the disaster!
      Lawyer Up!

      • Think it’s time for residents to have another meeting with the Brockovich Team. At least those who have signed up with that law group…and I think it should be ALL of them. This time they need to deal with situations like Dave Stone’s. Many times attorneys will help cover some costs while litigation is ongoing. They can also help by making requests to the liable party. Look into it Mr. Stone. They may be able to help you.

      • Texas Brine needs to be handing out big fat advance checks NOW to avoid a severe penalty. I hope lawyers all show up.

  7. Can you refresh my memory as to their rationale behind the blasting? Does this have something to do with accessing the Big Hum?

  8. Freedomrox, perhaps I missed something here, but I see no actual proof that anything radioactive was injected. I see “brine sludge”, but it does not say what exactly is in this sludge. Please clarify.

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