Situation Summary & Tues. News


– – ’til Thursday evening.  More on river stages – see Monday post (scroll down)

New Situation Summary out.

P.26 –  “…the rate of MEQs appears moderate with 10+ events per 24 hours with a similar number of  VLP events. The rate does not appear to be increasing at this time. Code level remains at 2”


DNR has a new Situation Report (April 29 date)

There’s a big meeting tomorrow.

Forgotston has news about the Louisiana Public Records Law.

Strange Sounds – Mystery Booms and Loud Rumbling Noises in South Carolina are Related to Earthquakes – April 26 and 27

Salt Dome tid-bit – in Texas those Aussies are buying up more tracts – Australia-based oil and gas company Titan Energy has further increased its acreage holding on the eastern side of the Allen Dome oil field in Texas, US.



Geiger Counter Interpretation Simplified

No radiation testing at Lake FUBAR these days.

flying cuttlefish picayune

Nuke Pro blog has a good article on this topic –

Some more radiation tracking resources are on our Fukushima page.

And if you have no Geiger Counter, for FREEyou can mail your car filter to this company and get a free assessment of radiation in the air where you drive.


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Important Vote on SB200 Wed. May 1st

Senate Bill (SB) 200 is the one to prohibit building salt domes unless strict rules are met.
We got this plea from friends at Save Lake Peigneur –


I have just this moment been notified that Senator Mills SB200 will be heard in the Senate Natural Resources Committee 9AM this Wednesday, May 1

We need your support to get this bill out of this committee. I realize this is the first of 4 steps but we have not made it out of Natural Resources several times. We get this bill passed this is a huge step toward protecting our drinking water and environment.

PLEASE join us & call me if you need transportation to the Capitol& pass on the information.

Many thanks,

Nara & the Save Lake Peigneur, Inc. Board of Directors.

If it is not possible for you to go to the Capitol to show support for this bill, please take a moment to write your legislator to let him know that you support the passage of SB200. There is a handy link on the LEAN 2013 Environmental Legislation Preview page (link below) to help you find your legislator. Hey, write all of them! You may write and tell them even if you’re not a Louisiana resident. Many other states use salt domes for petrochemical and hazardous waste storage. Many legislators look to other states’ laws when drafting their own legislation. In helping to support Louisiana citizens, you could be setting a precedent for environmental protection in your own backyard! About Lake Peigneur

Your note may be as simple as sending an email stating that you support the passage of bill SB200 and your signature/typed name, or you may elaborate as much as you like.

Link to Sen. Mills’ bill SB200 and other salt dome/sinkhole related legislation at LEAN’s 2013 Environmental Legislation Preview page.

SB200: Prohibits the issuance of certain permits to construct or operate salt dome caverns until certain conditions are met.

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CONTACT info for Louisiana reps.

A Disturbance in the Force – Blog & Social Media Meddling on Upswing Suddenly

we are all getting messed with!

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  • Item – Dutchsinse who blogs about weather tampering, HAARP etc. has his blog screwed with on FaceB00k and says he is branded “unsafe” by them. Comments are now missing on recent posts on his blog.
  • Item– Comments are being waylaid, delayed, re-routed as spam on WordPress blog The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle all week.
  • Item– You Tube has increased their crackdown on important search topics and is hiding pertinent videos from their searches.
  • Item – You Tube changed their standing protocol of putting related videos on the sidebar of the video a viewer looks up.

Most of this diversion of information began around the psy-op in Boston last week. Cryptome has more info on intel agencies spying on social media.


Faceb00k crackdown – from RedditFacebook is censoring “religious humor”, which means anything mocking religion will result in a ban placed on your account. This…

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Monday News, Crosstex Switcheroo and Flood Risk Maps

New DNR Inspection Report says water level inside the berm is dropping. See end of report.

Thanks to Freedomrox for tip – 😉

Crosstex came out with a batch of updates(!). The latest one is for April 23rdNow they are only a WEEK behind with the “daily” updates 🙂  For APRIL 23:

Well #1 – 48,533 barrels of normal butane
Well #2 – 28,862 barrels of lpg mix

So propane was sold off or moved out? LPG mix … what’s that?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas = LPG.

This example is 60% C3H8 Propane / 40% C4H10 Butane but we can’t say what “mix” Crosstex has down there. Propane is now a “mix” with butane! That sounds real safe next to a collapsing salt dome! Let’s look some more!

LPG Material Safety Data Sheet < oh! It’s highly flammable and is explosive if mixed with air!



The AdvocateA bump of water coming down the Mississippi River has prompted the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to start conducting twice-a-week levee inspections along the lower Mississippi River.

A standing river flood warning is continued –


The rivers are on this map  Donaldson forecast (not far from Lake FUBAR) and Baton Rouge:

Lake FUBAR is in  PANEL 50, section 22007C0050D  in this flood risk map
Panel 50 map   But it’s a 1975 map. FEMA is using old maps.

2.3 quake in Triana, Alabama < MAP


1. Where is the updated website promised in January under Directive 1? Is Ceri it, because if isn’t updated with the additional Geo Wells?
2. At what microvolt is each geophone set at, in all locations, LA10-16, and where are the large deep geophone readings.. GEOPHONE WELLS 1,2, and 3? They are in operation, yet the public is not receiving any readings…why?
3. Can the e-mail given at the top of the page get fixed? No one getting answers back.


2008: Texas Salt Dome Collapse

[Corrected this entry title]

This 2008  sinkhole  in a  collapsed salt dome in Daisetta, Texas shows what happens when water meets salt dome.


  • Description:  Collapse sinkhole in a salt dome in Daisetta, Texas (September 2008). Salt is particularly susceptible to rapid dissolution causing large bowl-shaped sinkholes. Injection of fluids into this salt dome increased the dissolution of the salt causing a 60-foot deep sinkhole that covered several acres and destroyed many buildings.
  • Location: Daisetta, TX, USA


2 football fields in size – 60 miles from Houston, Texas
Then it is 3 football fields in size!


Lots more and scary description of this rapid dome collapse –  Houston ChronicleDaisetta’s huge sinkhole draws state officials’ attention

“Daisetta sits above a salt dome. Salt water separated from crude oil taken from production wells is often disposed of in wells in the dome.”

Thanks to Freedomrox for story date – 😉

Something happened in the cavern about 4:30 a.m. and Sunday News

Almost all the helicorders showing this –

LA11_April28_2013    <  from LA11 

LA13 konked out yesterday


Assumption sinkhole’s containment wall gets extended

Amy Wold of The Advocate writes on coast erosion in Louisiana – Washed away – Locations in Plaquemines Parish disappear from latest NOAA charts

Newspaper trivializes multiple sinkholes that opened up in Zachary, Louisiana. Golf course finds more holes than 18

“BREC Golf Director Jeff Marks, who took over the post earlier this month, said heavy rains in the first part of the year exacerbated the problem.
“Because we have had so much rain, the water pools up there,” he said.
Marks said he has seen similar problems at other courses.
“I have seen it at new courses, I have seen it at old courses,” Marks said. “With new courses, after time, the land kind of settles in.”

Crosstex has not given out a “daily” update since April 17. Why not?