Monday News + Video Chex Mix

Catastrophe Map – Assumption Parish Sinkhole Grows, Air Quality Alert Increased

Louisiana WeeklySinkhole at 300 ft. is Superdome-sized

By J. Kojo Livingston

The Bayou Corne sinkhole is grow­ing…faster.

The sinkhole that was a grave concern when it was the size of a football field is now the size of the Superdome in New Orleans.

The sinkhole that caused explosions and odors and forced the evacuation of hundreds of residents had now expanded by 12 acres in the course of a weekend to the tune of rumblings, tremors and giant smelly gas bubbles coming from underground. The escaping gas is being burnt to avoid a massive explosion. . . .

. . . . You see this kind of closing down of information on the part of Texas Brine, the company responsible for creating the sinkhole. . . .

Related – This 2010 story is interesting – Human rights in ‘Cancer Alley’

Five years ago a group of residents from the rural community of Mossville in Louisiana came to Washington DC to file a human rights complaint against their own government. They alleged that the United States was not protecting their right to live in a healthy environment. . . .

. . . .”It is the first environmental case coming out of the United States to go to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.”

2.5 quake Plum Branch, South Carolina < MAP

A 6-minute interview podcast with Sonny Cranch on WJBO radio this morning. He discusses sinkhole depth, floor rise, failed integrity, future plans:

•Sonny Cranch – 1150 WJBO 

– thanks Guerrera Zorra for mentioning this interview and Keith  M. for finding it – 🙂

Public discussion planned about sinkhole

BAYOU CORNE (WBRZ) – A special group will meet Friday to discuss public safety concerns around the growing sinkhole in Assumption Parish.

The Blue Ribbon Commission on Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou Public Safety will meet on April 5th at the LSU Energy, Coast and Environment Building in the Woods Auditorium. The meeting is open to the public. . .

Strange SoundsUnderground explosion followed by fire near Lacles Landing St-Louis Missouri (VIDEO)


Idahopicker points out the floor of the cavern has risen almost 300 feet since the beginning of the disaster. It has filled in with falling rock.

Residents – he offers to help anyone with alternative home evaluation as he has the home building expertise.  He says Texas Brine may low-ball home values.


Mysterious Loud Booms; Pensacola, FL plus some on New Madrid Fault Zone quakes –


Crazy weather so far in 2013 – (note – China has same flimsy ground as Florida. A lot of limestone that causes sinkholes. )


Door Point Volcano Buried In SE Louisiana near BAYOU CORNE SINKHOLE! It has BP OIL worried. . .


Related – Door Point: A Buried Volcano In Southeast Louisiana – A Paper Written in 1976

We missed this NPR report on the sinkhole.

New Madrid Fault

Walter Coin found a lot of information on the New Madrid Fault with a lot of good photos explaining the geology of the area. Additional info with MAPS.

On the Edge blog – Sand Blows and the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812

Christian Chex Mix

We had a message from this fellow, Mark Brander, with his ideas about the sinkhole. Many other sites have this theme so just posting here as a courtesy.


shortlink –

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    • thanks!
      You know I typed something in yesterday and my computer crashed….
      it was someone’s name.
      Should’ve written it down!

      Fools … they shut down a blog and 10 will replace it.

      • Door Point: A Buried Volcano in Southeast Louisiana – AAPG … › … › GCAGS Transactions › Year 1976
        Mar 30, 2008 – 1, Offshore St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, was completed in 1963 at a total depth of 8538 feet. The last 1300 feet of hole was cored and drilled through volcanic

        V – techplace…/0147.pdf
        File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
        by BE Hunter – Cited by 32 – Related articles
        Apr 2, 2008 – p. 156-163. Braunstein, J., and C.E. McMichael, 1976, Door Point: a buried volcano in southeast Louisiana: Gulf Coast Assoc. Geol. Socs. Trans., v. 26, p. 79-80.

        Click to access ndx_stephens.pdf

        pdf Basement Controls on Subsurface Geologic Patterns and Near ……/ndx_stephens.pdf
        File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – View as HTML
        Aug 12, 2010 – Braunstein, J., and C.E. McMichael, 1976, Door Point: a buried volcano in southeast Louisiana: Gulf Coast Association of Geological. Societies Transactions,
        (link dead)

        K-Ar dates from Upper Cretaceous volcanic rocks – Geological …
        File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
        by DA SUNDEEN – 1977 – Cited by 17 – Related articles
        Aug 15, 1977 – Braunstein, J., and McMichael, C. E., 1976, Door Point: Buried volcano in southeast Louisiana: Gulf Coast Assoc. Geol. Socs. Trans., v. 26, p. 79-80. Cook, P.

        Basalt from Louisiana continental shelf – Springer
        by R Rezak – 1984 – Cited by 10 – Related articles
        Jun 16, 2008 – A basalt outcrop was discovered on Alderdice Bank on the outer Louisiana continental shelf. The basalt shows an age of 76.8 ± 3.3 × 10 6 years. Textural This is the one that when you want to get to the next page, just replace the “1” with “2” and than “3” “#page-1” (this was how I moved through the document, maybe one of you know of an easier way)

      • Contents : PS Basement Controls on Subsurface Geologic Patterns and Near-Surface Geology across the Northern Gulf of Mexico: A Deeper Perspective on Coastal Louisiana* Bryan P. Stephens1 Search and Discovery Article #30129 (2010) Posted August 12 2010 *Adapted from poster presentation at AAPG Convention New Orleans Louisiana April 11-14 2010 1 U.S. Dept. of the Interior Minerals Management Service New Orleans LA ( Abstract Of all the processes that have contributed to the depositional architecture and ongoing subsidence of the Mississippi Delta tectonic subsidence is probably the least understood. Localized vertical movements in southeast Louisiana are in part manifestations of ordered basin-scale structural patterns that have exercised a profound level of control on all subsequent geological processes including recent coastal environments and ongoing subsidence patterns. The arrangement of structural elements across the northern Gulf of Mexico suggests the continental margin is segmented by northwestsoutheast trending transfer fault zones related to Mesozoic rifting. Observations from a diverse collection of studies are used to document a framework of fourteen major transfer-fault delimited structural corridors 25 to 40 miles in width thought to be characterized by varying degrees of extension crustal attenuation and tectonic subsidence. The corridors are more finely segmented by minor transfer fault trends which also exhibit regular and predictable lateral and vertical offsets that are reflected in the overlying Tertiary cover. This study incorporates a seismic traverse from a recent proprietary offshore 3-D survey which images offsets in the basement surface corresponding to the transfer faults that trend into southeast Louisiana. Offshore examples illustrate the structural patterns resulting from the interaction of the basement structure salt systems and Tertiary faults and can be used as analogs for the subsurface of South Louisiana. Several examples along the northern Gulf Coast from Florida to southwest Louisiana are used to examine the apparent relationship between the transfer-fault delimited structural corridors and coastal geomorphology. Vertical movements related to these subsurface geologic patterns appear to influence the spatial arrangement of Holocene coastal environments. Copyright AAPG. Serial rights given by author. For all other rights contact author directly. Recognition of the ordered arrangement of basement structures faults and salt systems may provide new insights into the depositional architecture of the Mississippi Delta. Subsurface geologic templates can serve as useful analogs for understanding subsidence patterns and the emerging body of detailed subsidence measurements. Identification of areas of relative geologic stability may influence coastal restoration efforts. References Adams R.L. 1997 Microbasin analysis of south Louisiana: An exploration model Or: Hutton and Lyell were wrong!: Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions v. 47 p. 1-12. Adams R.L. 1993 Effects of Inherited Pre-Jurassic tectonics on the U. S. Gulf Coast: Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions v. 43 p. 1-9. Barnett R.S. 1975 Basement structure of Florida and its tectonic implications: Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions v. 25 p. 122 -142. Braunstein J. and C.E. McMichael 1976 Door Point: a buried volcano in southeast Louisiana: Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions v. 26 p. 79-80. Diegel F.A. D.C. Schuster J.F. Karlo R.C. Shoup and P.R. Tauvers 1995 Cenozoic structural evolution and tectono-stratigraphic framework of the northern Gulf Coast continental margin in M.P.A. Jackson D.G. Roberts and S. Snelson eds. Salt tectonics: A global perspective: American Association of Petroleum Geologists Memoir 65 p. 109-151. Fillon R.H. P.N. Lawless and A.S. Waterman 2005 Paleocene-Eocene deposystems and evolution of the Gulf of Mexico Basin petroleum system: Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions v. 55 p. 195-222. Geomap Company 1983 Generalized geological subsurface structure map in L.L. McCormick and R.S. Kline eds. Oil and gas fields of southeast Louisiana Vol. III New Orleans Geological Society New Orleans Louisiana p. X 1:950 400 Goldhammer R.K. 1999 Mesozoic sequence stratigraphy and paleogeographic evolution of northeast Mexico in C. Bartolini J.L. Wilson and T.F. Lawton eds. Mesozoic Sedimentary and Tectonic History of North-Central Mexico: Boulder Colorado Geological Society of America Special Paper 340 Boulder Colorado p. 1-58. Imbert P. 2005 The Mesozoic opening of the Gulf of Mexico: Part 1 evidence for oceanic accretion before during and after salt deposition: GCSSEPM 25th Annual Bob F. Perkins Research Conference p. 1119-1150. Imbert P. and Y. Phillippe 2005 The Mesozoic Opening of the Gu

        S.C. Stephens

        S.C. Stephens

        Rating :
        Surf Anonymously!
        File Type : .pdf

        Length : 12 pages
        File Size: 12.2 mb
        Virus Tested : No
        Verified : 2012-09-12

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        File Size: 12.2 mb
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        Other Downloads
        ndx_stephens.pdf420.5 kb
        ndx_stewart.pdf3.3 mb
        ndx_stokes.pdf5.3 mb
        ndx_strand.pdf2.4 mb
        ndx_strapoc.pdf5.3 mb

        Related Keywords
        documents 2010 30129stephens

      • Contents : PS Basement Controls on Subsurface Geologic Patterns and Near-Surface Geology across the Northern Gulf of Mexico: A Deeper Perspective on Coastal Louisiana* Bryan P. Stephens1 Search and Discovery Article #30129 (2010) Posted August 12 2010

        Distribution of Volcanic Sediments in the Gulf Coastal Province – Significance to Petroleum Geology

        view page images in PDF format – AAPG Datapages/Archives
        by RK Dokka – Cited by 2 – Related articles
        Mar 29, 2008 – tract rept. DE-AS05-76ET28465, 70 p. Braunstein, J., and C.E. McMichael, 1976, Door Point: a buried volcano in southeast Louisiana: Gulf Coast. Assoc. Geol.

        Vol 18 No 1 January 1995 – techplace
        File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
        by JM Reed – 1995 – Cited by 7 – Related articles
        Dec 26, 2007 – Door Point: A buried volcano in SE Louisiana. Trans. Gulf Coast. Assoc.Geol. Socs. 16, 79-80. BUFFLER,R.T., and SAWYER, D.S., 1985.Distribution of crust and …

        Praying these don’t disappear again 😉

      • Just noticed your comment. Digging into the Lisa LeBlanc Class action now (after I retrieve my glasses) But already found the action paperwork. Be back with what I find 😉

        CASE NO.: “not listed”
        ON BEHALF OF
        ALL OTHERS
        CLASS AC

        Click to access Sinkhole.pdf

      • OK – I saved that link. Also, downloaded the PDF and will change the docs page link to perm. copy that can’t be removed.

  1. Walter, I searched for days on the Door Point volcano. I didn’t find a single piece of info on it other than that article. The only thing I found at all was three locations on a map of Louisiana with the name Door Point. I found Door Point Lagoon, Door Point Bayou and a tiny piece of island that the map lists as Brush Island but, USGS has it labled as Door Point. These are all in the same vicinity and at the location stated in the article…just off the coast of St. Bernard Parish and at the “door” between Lake Pontchartrain/Lake Borgne and the Gulf of Mexico. USGS, LSU and Texas universities and all petrochemical geologists guard the geology of Louisiana very closely!!! It has been very difficult finding info on volcanism of Louisiana and the northern Gulf of Mexico.

    New Madrid – There are areas of throughout LA that are suspected sandblow sites caused during the big New Madrid earthquakes of the past. There are also many reports of the effects of these quakes throughout south LA and yet, we are not considered part of the New Madrid by USGS or CERI/University of Memphis…All owned by oil and gas industry!

      • I added Walter’s links to today’s news. They are very good!
        Sand blows scare me! Like a whale hole blowing sand. I bet it’s red hot too!

      • What are some of those gases and bad water coming out of those blow holes
        People were talking about bad gases and bad water coming out of the ground in 1811 and 1812.

      • I had a long audio CD about pirates in Jamaica area long ago and vivid description of quake that hit that port.
        Many, many sand events there.
        Geysers and people-swallowing holes. People in the ground up to their neck (couldn’t get out) horrified witnesses.

  2. Don’t really like to get involved with the online community about religion……but just one thought to those out there that do…

    There are many warnings in the Christian Bible about false prophets and about adding or detracting from the Word of God. The scriptures command readers to study the Word, know it and judge any interpretations against them…the whole Word of God. The scriptures interpret themselves. Studying history also helps. If you know who the authors were speaking to, and why, one is less likely to misinterpret a passage. Easy examples would be on the subject of tatooing or women speaking in church. Tatooing and body mutilations weren’t being designated as sinful practices. It was “why” the people were marking themselves that was being criticized. the point being made was that one cannot please God by doing these things. It is not a legitimate way to obtain favor and therefore useless. As a fashion statement; go for it!

    If someone chooses to listen to someone else’s interpretation of scripture, please do yourself a favor and read not just a particular scripture but, the ENTIRE Bible. Judge everything a person says carefully against the ENTIRE Word of God. Many have been led down very destructive paths by blindly following the misguided revelations of others.

    The prophecies in the book of Isaiah, often quoted for End Times scenarios, actually interprets itself. And Revelations says that all things will be made clear at the appropriate time. In the past, no one would have been able to understand some of the things being described. I do believe in Scripture and I believe we are living in a time when these prophecies will begin being fulfilled, so we will also be able to understand the descriptions of the things seen by John and by authors such as Isaiah.

    But, please folks, know the entire content of the Bible, study true history and never follow anyone except Jesus the Christ…if you are choosing the Christian faith.

    Just my two cents to the “End Times” masses. And, I do thank you FCF, for your willingness to place all of the theories out there. Now, I’ll step down off my soapbox 😉

  3. Mother Nature always knows best, you can’t fool her; and it seems that the mad scientists, international corporations in hand with the filthy rich and their paid for governments on all levels took their plans too far. The ecology was in place for balance, man has disrupted it to the point that it can not be re-established and we are left with the realization that global extinction is our end result. Common sense would indicate that it is past time to stop the poisoning of the environment; however, the opponents of the energy industries have done battle for some 40 years and their warnings have met with little success. The most horrible realization from the information given today is that the work on the Bayou Corne Sinkhole has stopped, not because of concern for the environment or the ruined lives of the residents; but because they can do nothing to resolve the situation. The nuclear nightmare of TEPCO’s power plant that exploded and resulted in three core meltdowns which created a crisis of radioactive particles in the air, soil, and water is also beyond help. In both these cases, and in both nations, there has been little reporting from the MSM and that that has been viewed is manipulated to tell cover stories. That is the importance of web sites such as the flying cuttlefish and I have appreciated the enormous amount of work that has been done to inform and educate.

      • Walter, it does not take much to destroy our cells and to change our DNA which will continue to haunt humanity forever. I have been a witness to seeing blue barrels sticking out of a sand dune once the Spring thaw began. My husband worked for a nuclear power plant. The Japanese have just passed a law that gives them access to all telecommunications to stop any “Bad” information about TEPCO’s Fukushima nuclear plant that contradicts the official story that the danger from the plant has been resolved. There is a blackout of the tar oil spill in Arkansas and the police have admitted that they are taking their orders from Exxon. Do you have any information of testing being done on radiation levels at the BC Sinkhole?

      • Thank you, NORM, naturally occurring radioactive materials, from the drilling activities of the oil corporations and against the regulations to inject into the salt domes. The DNR, gave a go ahead with no restrictions and no time limits. All the parties responsible knew (thru documents provided by Freedomrox) the dangers of what that bubbling meant and did nothing to take the residents into consideration. Than we have another corrupt state government pocketing Federal aid funds to the tune of $700,000,000. Sacrificing the poor and disenfranchised.

  4. About “End Times” prophets…and, this is not directed at you, FCF, as I truly appreciate you posting all views!!!

    To those who are following the teachings of End Time prophets, I would advise, as the Bible does, that you know ALL scripture and also, that you study history thuroughly! Many have been led down terrible paths by misguided teachers. The Word of God instructs everyone to judge everything anyone says against the scriptures…not just against a particular scripture, but all of scripture. Any single verse may be used out of context to mean whatever an interpreter wishes it to say. In reading the Christian Bible, know who the author is, who is being spoken to, why they are being spoken to and the historical context of the conversation. Without ALL of those components, one can easily misinterpret a passage and also be led very far astray of the truth. The Bible clearly warns us to know Scripture, warns against anyone adding to or detracting from Scripture and warns about the many false prophets. And, now, I will step down from my soapbox 😉

    • thanks.
      Just posted for the interests of those who like to read that view.

      Many, many other websites entirely devoted to the topic.

    • MY headline for that story: “Texas Brine has No Idea how deep the Cavern is now”

      nincompoop comes to mind when I think of the big brains at Texas Brine 🙂

      • 🙂

        still need consensus on new Lake FUBAR name .. I think WordPress allows a POLL. I will check!

      • Have the 3D’s come out yet on the side wall of the cavern? Probably too soon. I just don’t see how the cavern could be filling up past where the side wall has collapsed.

      • you don’t?
        How about ALL the caverns meet water, salt walls melt and all the caverns compromised!

  5. Well, I understand how the cavern can fill up from the side, just not how it can fill up past the fracked out portion….I don’t know how to explain it. 🙂

  6. Since this is a chex mix of topics, maybe someone can answer this question, as it’s something many people may be wondering: Why, if Obama hasn’t approved the Keystone pipeline, are Tar Sands Blockade folks getting arrested for sitting in the pipes to halt it’s further expansion? It appears to me that it’s a done deal no matter what the the words coming from his mouth say, otherwise construction wouldn’t be continuing, would it?

    • It’s a big ugly story.
      It’s a CANADIAN pipeline to facilitate THEIR product EXPORT from Gulf coast ports.
      It is NOT for US consumption.
      A bunch of US front companies involved in the US end of pipeline build and because of THAT very broad emminent domain rights to grab property are in effect. Laws written especially for oil & gas co.s a long time ago … so small towns and home owners have no rights to say ‘no!’

      My opinion is Obama has oil co. donors who dictate this crazy policy. I don’t know for a fact, but I bet it is fat cat donors. Back in Ill. coming up he was practically sponsored by Entergy. But these days all presidential candidates are up to their necks in oil loot!

      • I don’t believe “any” president makes it into the White House without a promise/being threatened to follow the orders of the oil/energy corporations.
        If he didn’t play nice w/them he sure as heck wouldn’t have been re-elected, and most likely would have been taken out out faster than Kennedy was.

        It feels like if we put a stop to them, and truly refuse to play their game, they’ll annihilate us.

        That brings us to this point in time… what do you know?

        I know I would be getting the hell out of there PDQ, like last year!

        I have grandchildren I want to welcome into this world & enjoy 😉

  7. mitten, it is a done deal, or there would not be Eminent Domain proceedings going on, on the Southern Texas Corridor. They are just pulling if off from South to North. Sneaky as usual.

      • FcF, do you have any documents showing how far west the MRAAquifer runs in Assumption Parish? I need to see where it is in relation to Hwy 70 in Pierre Part. I have checked maps and can’t find something so simple. Anybody that knows and has such a map, please chime in.

      • Or, I just say “Liar, Liar, pants on fire” to the whole mess of these nuke, oil, gas and fracking politicians as soon as I hear them open their mouths. I do not believe there are political parties at the national level. There are just non-truth telling energy corps running this country, which is really too bad because a lot of folks at the local level are truly caring. Sometimes. What a fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.

    • you can invite a heavy friend … with lots of tattoos!
      Pay-Per-View would fund relocation of everybody!

      • Zorra, I can honestly say you are our kinda people, sense of humor, and a dislike for PR management, Sonny Cranch. He has nothing to do with Texas Brine other than to take Occidental’s checks for PR.

      • Zorra, did you see in the court doc where they say Texas Brine is FOREIGN complaint (with office in Texas)?

        A gold nugget, that doc!
        Sonny’s gonna blow a fuse!

      • FCF, No I didn’t catch that part.

        Ya’ll are going to laugh at me but my expertise isn’t in reading them, it’s finding them 😉

        I was always having to shop foreign countries trying to get around the middle men in the import/export industries in beads & shells.
        Ad that with a small stint of legal work aka “In Pro Per” studying cases like Marvin Lee Mitchell vs Michelle Triola.

        So when DWH/BP occurred I knew there would be an issue w/residents being able to get to the truth, reports, and pertinent data. As the lies rolled in I became furious. As I watched the media cover-up I became enraged. Then I witnessed our President/Congress/Senate helping BP get away with it… that’s when I decided I was going to war, ie…. doing battle to prove the reality of this situation. (plus I had a dream and knew I was suppose to come help).

        Via a horrific job injury I was taken out of the work force permanently and although I paid into social security disability insurance I still feel it is the tax payers contributing to the money that affords the roof over my head. Therefore I feel an obligation to serve “The People”.

        I don’t like corruption or liars. As a Native American I see/know we must do better to protect our mother…. “Earth”.

        You Folk’s here have been more than diligent and maintained a good forum for people to “think tank” and “get to the facts of the matter”. I’m all for that, so consider me “at your service”.

        Just tell me what your after and I’ll dig as deep as I possibly can 🙂

  8. Thanks Zorra and Tony for all the Door Point links! The basement controls and the fluid migration docs look very interesting!! Saved them and will read as soon as I have time. If I can find the time to get back to researching the volcanic history of Louisiana and GoM, I will definately be asking y’all for help 🙂

  9. these d rad ch mwh’s said when was it 2 21/2 yrs ago about the russians in nyc using radio freq signals and the russian satelitte that they were and bunch of amatures and were laughing at the russians then the picture of pu 239 with his shades on these d rad ch mwh’s daid he was trying to look cool and laughing at him again – d drug addict binney should not have re-done my 14 pg letter to putin last oct and let the russian mafia come in here and found these mwh’s and he should have gotten my permission since I know about mwh and now pu239 is a professional conc mwh and using it to spy on d obama have fun dealing with the professional russian mwh – putin has fired it up this way now like these d rad ch mwh ‘s here are using

    • whatever you do don’t let anyone put a ‘smart meter’ on yr home.
      And don’t post pix of yrself anywhere online as positioning data now get sent with the pixel image.

  10. d drug addict binney really messed up last oct bad and I mean real bad so did the d rad ch cia last june and then d daune in with d binney messed up bad and when I say bad I mean bad in this

  11. Pingback: VOLCANO BURIED in Louisiana near SINKHOLE! “DOOR POINT” | On The Edge...

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