We are using this post to archive some salt dome travesty humor. Not much is funny in Assumption Parish these days but if we didn’t laugh we’d cry.

Q. Why did the chicken cross the berm-road?

A. – – – (fill in the blank) – – – –

Revelations Chapter 6 – The Bayou Corne Translation

Sing-Along!  “At Bayou Corne They All Ask’d For You”

CONTESTName the Berm-Roads Around Lake FUBAR!

Lake FUBAR Roulette!

Take Our POLL to name Lake FUBAR

Understanding Oil Speak

How to play sinkhole Monopoly


cartoon – trailer trash

23 thoughts on “HUMOR

  1. Was telling friend earlier that BC group should have a real Monopoly game made. Sell and use proceeds for water testing and flyovers 😉 Told Freedom he could be in charge of developing a Clue game where you would look up well history facts, water test results, etc. Or there’s always a match the helicorder to the well. As soon as you get it correct, you could shuffle the deck and start all over with new matches.

    Read the how to play Monopoly link. “Use credit cards for rich players, vouchers for poor”. Too funny!!!!

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