HELP! National Media – You are Needed NOW!

At the Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle we know know real (paid) journalists are following this story and are aware of the situation at Bayou Corne. Some need time to develop in-depth stories for publication when they have all their ducks in a row.

We plea for the journos to drop that plan and report on the

  • mismanaged sinkhole disaster
  • the slowness of officials and perp to respond to the collapsed giant salt dome
  • the danger workers are put in by above
  • the danger to the region’s aquifer by same
  • the fear Louisianans have of being on the news just like the people of West, Texas

17 thoughts on “HELP! National Media – You are Needed NOW!

    • On LA14 etc. … are those work trucks this morning? The big bombardment ones?

      Yr link to LA10 is sloshing…. right?

  1. Eternally Gfrateful As Always For The Two Witnessess With GOD Daily Against you for those eq’s esp. that crack kuril islands that goes against a d for threatening someone and that d someone knows who he is

    • and what did Pu239 and say and went against d bolden – is d haarp going to say something didn’t happen on that 7.2 when it did ( and Pu239 and his non-d friends

  2. here’s one that happened a while back – I because of memory loss I didn’t see a hole and turned my ankle – then a d self-proclaimed psychic who goes to a d church near me with a d fraud minister and Romans in The Bible that particular verse was not for that d church nationwide with their d fraud ministers – anyway this d psychic told me go home and take a tylenol and have a cup of hot tea I passed on her d psychic info and by the way how come she didn’t know her d military son was serviced infected hookers – and since Short On Time knows about fraud studies – then I told these d rad mwhs in 2007 something concerning the fourcornerstones … that doesn’t have to happen

  3. contrary to popular belief with the mark of the beast people d obama can’t authorize martial law because he’s a fraud elector

  4. then there is a d military from iraq who works at the shell station on hardin valley rd who even told me “i don’t vote for fraud elections”

  5. then when I was telling this d us miliary army about what hiv had gone into he interuppted and said yeah i heard hiv had gone bad when i was in iraq

  6. last year in a video provided by The Guardian in Russia there was d rad ch v putin with non-d Dave and ‘some more men’ while one of d rad ch putin’s s fraud priest was holdin ghis hand and kissed it and d rad ch putin tried to sling the saliva off his hand and wipe it away – at least d rad ch putin realized he was getting new strains by the saliva but at that time it was spreading by the oil on the skin then as alot of people know this went airborn last june 2012 – the mark of the beast

    • this was after the Preplexing Warning came out of d rad ch great britain – That was GOD’S Warning concerning the mark of the beast to The World

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  8. back in 2000 and 2001 I told about 200 in knoxville bush’s plans for 9-11 and afg and Iraq and Cuba I know quite a few other people who spread the word too

  9. then in 2011 Paul D Humphries told me about his Prophecy concerning the spokes on the wheel are going to come together and then last fall I found the meeting and in the video a black man as their voice told about the spokes on the wheel had come together and all the ‘men’ there were afraid to hear about hell and just wanted to talk about Heaven and these so-called ‘men’ were all left with the mark of the beast including billy graham mitt romney the bildgerbergs about 200 men concerning finances too

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