Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion – Updated

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Before It’s News – West Texas Fertilizer Missle? Bomb? – Video

Huffington Post is following this aftermath –

An expert in chemical safety standards said the two major federal government programs that are supposed to ensure chemical safety in industry – led by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) – do not regulate the handling or storage of ammonium nitrate. That task falls largely to the DHS and the local and state agencies that oversee emergency planning and response.

“. . . the fertilizer plant hadn’t been inspected by the Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) since 1985, when the company was fined $30.”

Great reporting credits:

Top story from Reuters is by  Joshua Schneyer, Ryan McNeill and Janet Roberts with additional reporting by Anna Driver in Houston, Timothy Gardner and Ayesha Rascoe in Washington, and Selam Gebrekidan and Michael Pell in New York; Editing by Mary Milliken and Robert Birsel. The second story is by Dave Jamieson for HuffPo.

UPDATE, April 23

Death toll expected to climb as ATF agents arrive on scene of fertilizer plant explosion

WAFB has continuing coverage here.


5-11 – Fire That Left 15 Dead at Texas Fertilizer Plant Is Ruled Intentional

“The announcement by investigators with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives came three years after the explosion at the West Fertilizer Company plant on April 17, 2013. In the years since, law enforcement officials had never revealed a cause. They had previously said three possibilities were under consideration: faulty electrical wiring, a short-circuit in an electric golf cart or arson.”


8 thoughts on “Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion – Updated

    • on radio Randi Rhodes always used the phrase (talking about Katrian fail) “third man down” meaning shoving responsibilities to lower-on-totem-pole functionary who is a know-nothing political hack so when sh*t hits the fan they can pile on that person’s lack of credentials and chalk it up to ‘poor choice’ of staffing blah, blah.
      Used in all important departments these days.
      That’s why fertilizer plants have no inspection, food is poisoned, China can send in poisoned sheet rock, lead is in everything (from China) food is full of salmonella crazy stuff etc. etc.

      That’s why your Christmas tree lights (from China) say, on that tiny paper you throw away, to wash your hands because their cord is full of LEAD!

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