2008: Texas Salt Dome Collapse

[Corrected this entry title]

This 2008  sinkhole  in a  collapsed salt dome in Daisetta, Texas shows what happens when water meets salt dome.


  • Description:  Collapse sinkhole in a salt dome in Daisetta, Texas (September 2008). Salt is particularly susceptible to rapid dissolution causing large bowl-shaped sinkholes. Injection of fluids into this salt dome increased the dissolution of the salt causing a 60-foot deep sinkhole that covered several acres and destroyed many buildings.
  • Location: Daisetta, TX, USA

LINK –  http://youtu.be/3SWuxxMZzu0

2 football fields in size – 60 miles from Houston, Texas
Then it is 3 football fields in size!

LINK –   http://youtu.be/lO4YuZJQ5Mg

Lots more and scary description of this rapid dome collapse –  Houston ChronicleDaisetta’s huge sinkhole draws state officials’ attention

“Daisetta sits above a salt dome. Salt water separated from crude oil taken from production wells is often disposed of in wells in the dome.”

Thanks to Freedomrox for story date – 😉


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