Geiger Counter Interpretation Simplified

No radiation testing at Lake FUBAR these days.

flying cuttlefish picayune

Nuke Pro blog has a good article on this topic –

Some more radiation tracking resources are on our Fukushima page.

And if you have no Geiger Counter, for FREEyou can mail your car filter to this company and get a free assessment of radiation in the air where you drive.


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7 thoughts on “Geiger Counter Interpretation Simplified

    • yeah, it’s a great idea … checking air for radiation through car filters. They have been doing that is So. Calif. since Fukushima.

      • That is a wonderful company, they checked filters sent in from offshore boats near Japan. The company, KI4U, also sells dosimeter badges which are used by rapid repsonders. The badges change color when exposed to radiation. Might be good to use, I have them here 9 miles from a nuclear plant.Just in case..

      • Let Ora Teague know that I thank her for her efforts. The just put Geophone Well 3 (LA 17) up on the Ceri Page. Now we want the actual microvolts, as if the ones shown at the bottom are true, then they are so insensitive as to be useless…especially the 20,000 mv. None should be above 10,000 mv when monitoring micro seismics…I can only feel this is intentional and then enhanced by a computer program by the Central Command… All they are doing is making me clutter my computer with more IRIS programs, and not hiding anything, so they should stop the foolishness. We can still see all.

      • and hiding from everyone sending sensible info requests to their dead e-mail box! In Canada!

      • Also, there are more that 10 MSE’s a day as claimed, try 22-25 a day minimum. It’s revving up again, and Pad 3 and surrounding area has sunk a little more…possibly while attempting to build a new Pad for OW Geophone Well 1, (Behind Oxy 2 and just in front of Oxy 3A, and OGW 9). Yes a new pad is being built, even as the Oxy 3 Pad washes away… Numbnuts.

      • and the flood warning in effect for Mississippi ‘bump’ coming down ….

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