Situation Summary & Tues. News


– – ’til Thursday evening.  More on river stages – see Monday post (scroll down)

New Situation Summary out.

P.26 –  “…the rate of MEQs appears moderate with 10+ events per 24 hours with a similar number of  VLP events. The rate does not appear to be increasing at this time. Code level remains at 2”


DNR has a new Situation Report (April 29 date)

There’s a big meeting tomorrow.

Forgotston has news about the Louisiana Public Records Law.

Strange Sounds – Mystery Booms and Loud Rumbling Noises in South Carolina are Related to Earthquakes – April 26 and 27

Salt Dome tid-bit – in Texas those Aussies are buying up more tracts – Australia-based oil and gas company Titan Energy has further increased its acreage holding on the eastern side of the Allen Dome oil field in Texas, US.


3 thoughts on “Situation Summary & Tues. News

  1. Page 17 shows a February 04 2013 date, not the April 30, 2013 the other slides have. Its the only one with major RED changes. Most of the sides show no new information. No where in the report does it mention safety for the citizens in the area. Since that has not happened, is it logical to assume Texas Brine is required by the State of LA to buy out at fair(fair being value of property BEFORE this disaster started) price, all affected property/businesses? Its kind of a YES or NO situation.

  2. Only checked the Chevron update out of curiosity before going to bed. Says nothing about how much gas is still in cavern. I’m guessing the rest of the report is pretty much the same…a lot of words to say nothing. Am going to get some sleep 🙂

    • even omission is evidence in court if facts prove other content.
      I am tending to think they WANT lots of cave in below to hide their illegal stored inventory, rad waste etc. — stuff they didn’t list.

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