DOTD April Reports & Sat. News

For the month of April DOTD has  Bayou Corne inspection reports (no photos) done on April 12, April 22 and April 27. (The top list item for April hasn’t all the reports in it.)

Bayou Corne Cursory Report – April 12, 2013 –  April 22 report and on  April 27 this report.

East of Lake FUBAR on the east side of Grand Bayou at Bayou Choupique they looked at the bridge for Highway 70. MAP.

Texas Brine put out another one of their “fact” sheets. They say the west side of Lake FUBAR is stable. umm-hmmm.

Forgotston says: TO MEMBERS OF THE LSU BOARD OF SUPERVISORS: Please stop wasting our hard-earned tax dollars appealing the judgment requiring you to obey the Louisiana Public Records Law. This topic is worth watching for obvious reasons!

2.8 quake Lincolnton, Georgia

2.2 quake – Mitchell, Georgia

The formula for big profits – have an “accident” at a plant  – U.S. Gulf Coast gasoline made a killing after that fire in Krotz Springs.

U.S. Gulf Gasoline Strengthens After Krotz Springs Refinery Fire


We will add a new part on the sidebar with River Level info – here is a good page from WAFB – River Stages


Three Years Later

Everyone affected by oil policy should be active by now . . .

Louisiana Bucket Brigade Blog

Anne_Rolfes_Photo - Copy

Anne Rolfes, Founding Director

The end of the BP trial last week coincided with the three year anniversary of the company’s disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. This poetic timing is in contrast to the ugly reality before us: livelihoods destroyed, wildlife at risk. Yet Louisiana can learn and improve from this disaster. Here are three things you can do to make the oil industry more accountable in this state:

1.      Call or write our Senators and tell them to stop acting as spokespeople for the oil industry. Who calls himself a climate change skeptic? David Vitter. Who wants to lift the ban on BP drilling in our Gulf? Mary Landrieu. Every time you hear or read or see these two in the news spouting the oil industry’s line, contact their office. The only way they will defend us instead of the oil industry is if we make them…

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Lake FUBAR Spreads West + Friday News

Major cave-in on berm-road phrased ever so nicely by parish  officials – Advisory from the Office of Conservation oopsie!

Texas Brine is preparing to re-route the western wall of the sinkhole containment berm further west, and extend the northern and southern berm walls accordingly, due to ongoing surface subsidence in a portion of the existing western berm wall. While the sinkhole’s western boundary remains more than 100 feet away from the existing western berm wall, ongoing filling of the failed Texas Brine Oxy 3 cavern and compaction of the disturbed rock zone surrounding the sinkhole have created an area of surface subsidence outside the sinkhole boundary.

The AdvocateAssumption sinkhole’s containment wall gets extendedGamblers who had 17, 20, 23 & 25 in our roulette game are counting their winnings!

WAFB – Crews plan to move berm near sinkhole

“The next briefing for community members is scheduled for Wednesday at the Assumption Parish Community Center at 6 p.m.”

SEE ALSO – Comments for Thursday News for alarming analysis of this event.

Sinkhole bills clear Louisiana Natural Resources committee

The AdvocateJindal warns against premature sinkhole conclusions . . . he would!

New PHOTOS posted to parish page. Taken April 23.

Great Minds Think Alike Dept. – TEPCO big brains using a liner too!

A bunch of these headlines  we got from att’y. Stuart Smith’s website – – –

Fracking Debris Ten Times Too Radioactive for Hazardous Waste Landfill

Scientists Discover the Agent Used in Gulf Spill Cleanup Is Destroying Marine Life

Exxon Earns $9.5 Billion Q1 Profit One Month After Arkansas Oil Spill That It Pays No Taxes To Help Clean Up

Earthquakes –

Law & Thursday News

New DNR Inspection Report says Lake FUBAR is bubbling in the middle.

WAFB – Bills aimed at preventing sinkholes pass out of committee

[snip]  . . . . “Two bills introduced by state Rep. Karen St. Germain, D-Plaquemine, would address the operation of mines and caverns within a salt dome. One would require companies to update information, like the location of caverns within the salt dome, while the other would regulate the mines and wells in caverns in the salt dome.

St. Germain said those two measures need to be in place to prevent another Bayou Corne-type incident from happening.”

WAFB uses stock footage from the APPJ vids to illustrate the story instead of getting any worthwhile NEW footage from their own  (idle) helicopter.

The AdvocateStrata beneath [west part of]  sinkhole ‘stable’

Texas Brine crows, “There is nothing in the (3-D) interpretation that suggests there is another big event coming or a sudden release of oil and gas…”

It is so stable they are not giving anyone an ‘OK’ to move back home. We suggest Mark Cartwright, president of United Brine Services, a Texas Brine subsidiary, pull a camper into Bayou Corne and sleep there a few weeks. It’s safe!

The LIVE STATUS widget for OXY1 is back on the GOHSEP website, upper right side.
We have that on the sidebar.  If anything is wrong there – they just take the widget off the page!

Mystery – town west of Baton Rouge (MAP) has a plant fire.  WAFB – Fire sparks at oil refinery translation: Fire  at oil refinery

New Madrid Fault

Breaking: Gulf of Mexico Explosions – off Mobile, Alabama << Napoleonville Link(!!)

New York TimesExplosions on River in Alabama Injure 3

[snip] . . . “the barges had been carrying natural gasoline, a volatile fuel that can be recovered from natural gas.”

HufPo – Fuel Barges Explode On Mobile River, Injuring 3 (VIDEO)

“Three people were seriously injured when two barges previously loaded with liquid natural gas exploded on the east side of the Mobile River in Alabama on Wednesday evening.

The first barge blew up around 8:30 p.m. CDT. According to, the blast rattled windows in downtown Mobile and blew open doors in Spanish Fort.

Since then, six additional explosions have been heard. . . .”

NATURAL GASOLINE?? That’s a new one on us. We wonder if there’s any of this flammable, volatile stuff near Lake FUBAR. THERE IS!

Enterprise Products says

“NGL fractionation facilities process mixed NGL streams into purity NGL products: ethane, propane, normal butane, isobutane and natural gasoline.”

“The Promix fractionation facility is located in Napoleonville, Louisiana and has the capacity to fractionate up to 140 MBPD of mixed NGLs from natural gas processing plants in southern Louisiana and along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.”

Wednesday News (Duck & Cover!) – as huge flood approaches

New Situation Summary out (April 23) – They have hardly any liner down and the giant Mississippi River and Missouri River floods are racing their way!

“North Levee final containment system installation is approximately 65% complete”

They claim to continue the (loose) Code 3 as “depressurization of OG3A” is going on (??).

The Louisiana DEQ has issued NO public information for 2013. This is their “response” to the Bayou Corne emergency.

This week’s weekly SONRIS report has Lake Verret & Naponeonville operations on p. 3. Who is Northwind Oil & Gas, LLC? They are digging around in Napoleonville.

Late to post – but on the Blue Ribbon report a smart reader pointed out on p. 60 the Blue Ribbons are warming their hands at the thought of even MORE gas production potential at Lake FUBAR(!). Now we know what the priorities are of this panel of cronies.  blueribbon_greed

Weather is pretty normal even though N.O. had big storms.

State Legislature beat – The AdvocateSink hole bills advanceinfo on the bills mentioned in the article

ENE-News – Newsweek: Excruciating, bizarre, grotesque ailments after working BP oil spill in Gulf