Kenner Louisiana near New Orleans has explosions & bubbling


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Friday News – Some residents still choose danger over evacuation

Strange Sounds – Monster Sinkhole Will Sooner or Later Swallow Parts of Carlsbad in New Mexico (VIDEO)

and Fracking Responsible for Mysterious Earthquake Swarm at Fayetteville Shale in Arkansas – May 2013

Energy Companies Are Set To Benefit From Natural Gas Exports

The Louisiana state senate is meeting today call them up about Lake FUBAR! (see LEAN button art on the sidebar for contact info)

KPEL – Opelousas Senator Elbert Guillory Switching Party Affiliation

The AdvocateBubbles in bayou a year ago signaled sinkhole’s birth

Ding Dong!    [resident, Dennis] Landry, who owns cabins and a boat launch where the sinkhole response is based, said 20 of 22 homes in his neighborhood south of La. 70 South remain occupied. Residents have adapted(!!!), he said, adding that each day means more gas has been removed from underground.”      


Dangerous Air Pollution at Bayou Corne < do not inhale!

From Freedomrox

I implore all to notice at the bottom of this report, the VERY HIGH AMOUNTS of VOC’s and H2S, then compare to LDEQ’s reports.

You are not out of harm’s way. You are breathing highly carcinogenic fumes, and the Govt. of Louisiana is not reporting any of this to you, the people forced to live nearby. Stop drinking Teleca’s Kool Aid. Things are not OKAY! Get Organized, PROTEST! and use the information provided to PROSECUTE TEXAS BRINE, LDNR, LDEQ, Conservation, and JINDAL, for Malfeasance,  Abuse of OfficeWhere is your local District Attorney, and why is he not pressing charges and arresting these people?

poison     poison   poison   ALSO – Freedomrox says –

Comments from the BRC’s regarding G-01 core sampling and analysis and geophone array were received on 5/20/13 and responses are being developed. On 5/21/2013 began to set and grout the 16’’ casing; will begin drill out of cement plug on 5/24/2013.

LOOK at the ATTACHMENTS, and it all becomes clear. All sites being tested, yet none ever released to the residents or the Public, as required by Directive or State Law.


BREAKING: Huge Seismic Activity at Lake FUBAR

This is not work trucks or drilling as far as wee know. They make constant solid color charts.

LA12 chart –


Helicorders –  The other places are jumping too!


There is nothing elsewhere to cause this. No big foreign quake(s) at the moment.

Erin Go! Wed. & Thurs. News

The AdvocateAssumption sinkhole lawsuits now total eight filed so far

NAPOLEONVILLE — Lawyers working with environmental activist Erin Brockovich filed a lawsuit seeking damages on behalf of residents and businesses under evacuation orders for more than nine months as a result of the Assumption Parish sinkhole.

Also, Pontchartrain Natural Gas System, K/D/S Promix LLC and Acadian Gas Pipeline System — three pipeline or gas storage subsidiaries of Houston-based Enterprise Products Partners LP — separately have sued for damages over the sinkhole. . . .

. . . The suit tied to Brockovich also accuses Texas Brine and the two other named defendants, Miller Engineers and Associates and Occidental Chemical Corp., of fraud by concealing information about the cavern’s integrity since at least 2010 “in order to escape responsibility for any damages arising therefrom.” . . .

Sinkhole bills passHouse Bill 494

Sinkhole bills continue to sail through Louisiana LegislatureHouse Bills 493 &  494

VIDEO of the session is here. < some real dirty business (not Lake FUBAR)  exposed at 1 hour 30 min. mark . . .

WAFB – Residents near giant Louisiana sinkhole not happy with buyout offers

2.0 quake (frack-quake?) in Atkins, Arkansas < MAP – –  rad_Y_tiny  20 some miles from Arkansas One nuke plant.

Mar. 22 – Toxic Bayou Corne sinkhole in Louisiana slowly swallowing up state


Density Utilities hangs residents out to dry

ASSUMPTION PARISH, LA (WAFB) –Homeowners battling a nasty sewage problem in Assumption Parish claim they are being hung out to dry. . .

NBC 33 News – A year later, sinkhole problems still plague Bayou Corne