Important State Senate Vote TODAY! UPDATE: It PASSED!

CALL YOUR REPS!   < Thank you all for contacting your reps!!

We just added a button link to LEAN’s 2013 Legislative Preview on the sidebar


It has CONTACT info for Louisiana voters to help pass the important senate bill 200 TODAY.

Also on the sidebar is the current weather (has flood warning) and river stages info.

Below is thanks to Save Lake Peigneur group –

=========== HERE’S THE NEWS ABOUT THE VOTE ================

May 1, 2013 Baton Rouge Meeting with the Senate Natural Resources Committee.

Senator Fred Mills’ SB 200 was voted on and passed.  This is just the beginning.  It will now go to the House of Representatives Natural Resources and Environment Committee.

Senator Mills did a great job.  At one point right before the vote when discussions were closed, Chairman Senator Long decided to say why he was against the bill.  At that point, Senator Mills interrupted and stated that he could not do that because of committee rules.  Senator Long was determined, but Senator Jean-Paul Morrell stepped in and said that he, Senator Long, could not discuss it anymore.  Senator Long stopped and the Committee members voted.

When Senator Jean-Paul Morrell was Chairman he brought the meeting to New Iberia and today he proceeded to talk about how many people were there on August 4, 2011.

This is not over yet.  After we left the meeting, we discussed the bill in the hall with New Iberia officials that were there, Marty Trahan, Bernard Broussard, and Roger Duncan.  Some of the problems discussed that despite AGL Resources wanting to be good neighbors, there still is a problem with taxes owed to Iberia parish.  The discussion about what would happen to Lake Peigneur, Delcambre, surrounding areas if there was an explosion, the unknown cause of the bubbling in Lake Peigneur. And the fear that insurance rates around Lake Peigneur and the area would be going up.

Thanks to everyone who helped and contacted these senators. More help is needed, please find the time.  90% of the people who live around Lake Peigneur and support Save Lake Peigneur are in the oil and gas industry, they do not want another disaster like Bayou Corne. About Lake Peigneur   Mike Schaff, Bayou Corne resident was sitting behind me as I read his letter to the Committee, we both had tears.  So sad what has happened to that community.  Mike said that now a big problem is people stealing from the empty houses, even with police presence.
– G. Conlin

 Senators Natural Resources Committee members present & how they voted were:


Chairman Senator Gerald Long              nay     Sen. Long plans to run for Governor

Senator Jean-Paul Morrell                        yea

Senator Norbett Chabert                         nay

Senator Rick Ward                                    yea

Senator Bert Allain                                    yea

Senator Dan Morrish                                 yea

Speaking against the bill was:

Richard Hyde, AGL Resources

Robert Hood, Robert Hood & Assoc.

Lobbyist MARJORIE A. MCKEITHEN  (Most of her statements were incorrect)

An attorney – was Secretary of the Louisiana Mineral and Energy Board and Assistant Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, Office of Mineral Resources, where she oversaw the granting and administering of mineral leases, storage agreements and alternative energy agreements on state-owned lands and water bottoms. Her father is W. Fox McKeithen



Lobbyist Grifford Briggs, son of Don Briggs,  LOUISIANA OIL & GAS ASSOCIATION

To see the May 1, 2013 meeting open the web site (link below)  & go to May 1, 2013 & open the video camera. Sen. Mills SB200 was the first bill up.


One thought on “Important State Senate Vote TODAY! UPDATE: It PASSED!

  1. Senator Mills’ SB200 PASSED!!! Hurray!! This is only the first hurdle. More battles ahead. But was a good start! Thank you, FCF, for posting the info for us and for all of the work you do to help support us!!! And, thanks to any of you who sent a letter or made a phone call! The only thing that moves these guys are large numbers, and sometimes not even that. Truly appreciate everyone’s support!

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