URGENT – Contact Your State Senators about SB200 TODAY!

Save Lake Peigneur sent this –


SB200 will be on the Senate floor this morning, May 7, 2013. 

There wasa flyer that was distributed Monday by some opposition that did not have the guts to put their name on it.  The flyer is misleading.
Please contact your Senators and let them know you support Senator Mills bill, SB200.  About Lake Peigneur

Even if you do not live around this area, the Chicot aquifer will be affected and Louisiana taxpayers will end up footing the bill if there is another Bayou Corne.

Click on the web site below. Click on a name to visit a Senator’s homepage or the envelope () to send a Senator an e-mail.


Note: A poison pen campaign is used by only the lowest dogs who haven’t facts to support their destructive agenda. They know what they do is destructive to voting community members but they just don’t care. They care about their fat wallets and their unsavory friends who fatten those wallets.

Senator Mills’ bill, SB200, is guided by facts as he is and he needs your support now.

>>>THE CONTACT INFO  (with e-mail addresses)

TEXT (.docx) version of the e-mail addresses


Despite oil/gas industry opposition last week, your calls and letters forced passage of SB200 out of committee. Now, we need your help to gain passage in the Senate. SB 200 by Senator Fred Mills provides that state-owned water bottoms with salt domes that have had man-made structural failures must have legislative review prior to any consideration of permitting of storage caverns. We must be allowed to set aside some areas as just too fragile for industry activities. Sites of previous catastrophic destruction must be protected!

SB200 goes to the Senate floor THIS MORNING!!! Please email the senators IMMEDIATELY!! Your note can be as simple as “Please support SB200” or in more detail.
For your convenience, copy/paste the Louisiana Senate email address list to your send box on your email and send to all of them at once.

short link –  http://wp.me/p2GNDM-2wt


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    • many websites are down today — BIG ONES! — including


      e-mail. As MSN is incharge it should be back up later today. Many, Many urls are black this afternoon (not WordPress). Trying to access it … but delay is due to massive net outage (not local to me)!!

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