High Water Expected Sunday – Where’s the Rad Waste?

Is it in the surging waters of Lake FUBAR??


Old –

Skytruth Alert: NRC Report: Unknown Material near Bayou Corne, LA 2012-08-03

NRC Report: Natural Gas in Bayou Corne near Belle Rose, LA

NRC document on Salt Dome storage in Gulf Coast (1984)



— page 83 is even better!

Page 85:


16 thoughts on “High Water Expected Sunday – Where’s the Rad Waste?

  1. A lot of the Tennessee river water well not be going your way there going to try to get a lot of it to go into GA, AL, and MS not into the ohio river.

    Grandfather Mountain in NC
    Towering almost 6,000 feet above northwest North Carolina
    They got a Zoo on top of that mountain

    Cherokee NC on The Zone Oconaluftee Village

    Great Smoky Mountains National Park Synchronous Fireflies in Elkmont June 6 – 13, 2013
    How about a good food fight Tomato war Festival

  2. WTH does any of that have to do with the price of rice in China?
    It sure doesn’t answer where the Radioactive Wastes and Scale went to from 50 wells at the Napoleonville Salt Dome for the last 60 years, or the source of the Methane that will not stop coming into the aquifer or its source. It doesn’t even answer the massive melt down of snow that is hitting the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers heading towards a possible Moganza Spillway opening, which would further flood Bayou Corne and carry even more benzine, toulene, Ra-228, isobutanes and isopentanes towards the Gulf, via Lake Verret.
    Jesus, there are times I really get fed up with Tennessee being the center of the Universe…it isn’t.

    • Walter likes Tenn. — we all know that.
      He gets to opine here cause he doesn’t have his own blog, that’s all.

      I am just doing a story on yr points now … so I will take some of yr phrasing. People scootin’ around in the floody water at Bayou Corne need to keep in mind how much spray those things kick out that others may breath in and there is poison in that water.

    • They added it to the road salt to all the states it went to.

      The states are trying the best not to let all that water come your way for now.

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