SB200 Effort Again! Plus a tutorial on Louisiana problems with salt dome storage caverns‏

OK, everybody! You know the drill! Letter writin’ time again, e-mailing too!

SB200 back on the table and big support needed yet again.  So write, call & e-mail your Louisiana senators!

Find them here.

From G. Conlin,  Vermilion Parish, Louisiana

You have heard of some of the problems here in Louisiana we have with salt dome storage caverns.  There is the disaster in Assumption parish that has been ongoing since August 3, 2012.  This is just one of the many articles about this ongoing disaster.

Here in Vermilion-Iberia parishes in Louisiana, AGL Resources is trying to expand their natural gas salt dome storage at Jefferson Island Storage & Hub under Lake Peigneur.  There has been an ongoing fight to stop this expansion. Despite the problems in Assumption parish and the problems that there have been at Lake Peigneur for years, the company is determined to expand.  

I became interested in 2011, and have been trying to help these people. In Feb, 2011, I was interviewed on local TV, the company’s PR man went to the TV station after and stopped anymore about Lake Peigneur. The PR man also called me left a message on my answering machine to set up an appointment with one of the company men.  I am a no body, but this is what they do to stop any information from getting out.

Below is some of the information.

This is so important to those of us that use the Chicot aquifer, our only fresh water source for 15 parishes. SB200 reached the Louisiana Senate floor but was defeated, but it might be  Reconsidered.  SB200 will protect the Chicot Aquifer and 4,000 people that live in the area of a natural gas salt dome storage cavern in Iberia – Vermilion parishes.

Water-level declined in the Chicot aquifer system during the period 1995-2005, based on data from the USGS/DOTD water-level network. The USGS has not conducted any studies that were specially designed to assess the effects of groundwater withdrawals at JISH.

Jefferson Island Storage & Hub, LLC 2009 OPERATING AGREEMENT

3.4. Water Rights; Chicot Aquifer Withdrawal Restriction. Further without limiting the foregoing, and subject to obtaining any approvals required under Applicable Law, Jefferson Island shall have the right to drill for and extract water as may be necessary, incidental, or desirable for the Permitted Purposes, including, without limitation,

First permit application submitted had 15 pages of deficiencies resulting in AGL Resources hiring a firm to write a revised permit application. About Lake Peigneur

TKE Engineering, JISH’s engineering co. was also the engineer for sparsely populated area Moss Bluff, TX natural gas salt dome caverns engineer company, completed in 2002 and had 2 explosions in 2004, AGL,s Richard Hyde, was working for Duke Energy, operator, at the time.

Eugene Owen, BR, Director & Chairman of Utility Holdings Inc., BR Water Company, Parish Water Company, Inc., Ascension Water Company and LAWCO, New Iberia, stated that 8 years ago because of contamination problems, wells had to be moved, costing millions. Increased withdrawal from the Chicot Aquifer by AGL’s (JISH) proposed well-pumping would significantly accelerate the rate of potential contaminates, arsenic.

Steve Langlinais, engineer, stated a hydrologist claims this could lower the withdrawal level in the Chicot aquifer as much as 17 to 75 feet. He also stated that the Chicot aquifer has not recovered from the 1994 water withdrawal from the first two natural gas salt dome caverns and one concern would be more salt water intrusion.

There is bubbling in Lake Peigneur and the cause is not known. We do not need another Bayou Corne, Assumption Parish disaster.

90% of the people work in the oil and gas industry that live in this area  are against the expansion.  These people, Save Lake Peigneur, have gone and presented experts’ statements about the problems, and AGL Resources goes to these same meetings with the Senate Natural Resources Committee, etc.  with their lobbyists and I have never heard them say that Save Lake Peigneur’s experts are wrong.  The company people even said at one time they will not have an accident!!!

Our own Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal, did not even bother to visit Assumption parish until after Erin Brockovich came to the area seven months after this disaster started.


You can send faxes from a home computer with no fax machine. See this company (there are others too).


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