A Fault Line Next to Lake Peigneur

This picture has information about the Lake Arthur Fault that runs alongside Lake Peigneur. It continues through the Magnolia salt dome at Bayou Corne/Napoleonville and continues on as the Frenier Fault toward Lake Pontchartrain.

The yellow blobs are salt domes

Lake map of faults



In this paper on p. 30 it concludes on topic of causes of fault movement . . .


. . .  Now who do we know who would be DUMB ENOUGH TO EXTRACT A LOT OF GROUNDWATER ON A FAULT?? 

Hmmm. . . . who could that be??

thanksreaders . About Lake Peigneur

54 thoughts on “A Fault Line Next to Lake Peigneur

  1. The really scary part, is that all that oil & water will be lubricating that fault-line, with the sinkhole as the access point, as judging from the map, the fault-line runs just to the south of the sinkhole.

    I suspect that water & oil are already seeping into the fault-line, which would go some way to explaining the strange tremors that appear on the helicorders.

    • I am still freaked out by last Kemner video (part 4 or end of the long one) where he says a water breach into the salt domes from Texas to Louisiana will snap off the bottom on the continent. If a lot of water got into those big salt domes …. it’s curtains!

      • Here’s a ‘fruitloop’ moment for you…

        Consider the ‘US Navy Map of The Future’ ( an image very hard to find at the moment ).

        Most people reject it because of the large blue BLOB of open water in what is at present mountainous terrain & they are unable to explain how this could become seabed.

        Well, consider this…

        South-west edge of the blob is the approximate location of the Long Valley Caldera ( a super volcano ).
        North-east corner of the blob is the approximate location of the Yellowstone National Park ( a super volcano ).

        As both of those super volcanoes has been seeing an uptick in activity over the last 5 or six years, and if both erupted big-time together, would it be beyond belief to consider the idea that the area between the two could sink disastrously to become seafloor.

        As I said a ‘fruitloop’ moment 😉

      • I am just skimming this thesis and it tells how steep the edge of the continent is there by Gulf of Mexico.
        Quakes this week near LA (airport area etc.) are on an old volcano I think. And the big 7.0 quake in Japan on active volcano island (Pagan Is.) set off the volcano.
        That’s all I know about volcanoes

        Lake FUBAR makes its own quakes regularly..

      • …I’m NOT saying that the map would become reality over night, it may ( hopefully ) take multiple lifetimes for the coastline to reach the point where it matches the map.

      • FCF, I haven’t actually watched Kemner’s video’s, but I know exactly what you mean by “…snap off the bottom on the continent.”. I reached the same conclusion sometime ago, and even though I’m in the UK, the thought terrifies me, the loss of life will be horrendous & catastrophic. 😦

      • the last one hasn’t many graphics, mostly audio, but it has the Navy map in it. He has the big scoop on the port plans for Louisiana for 2015. So worth a listen (the longish one).
        He says they are pumping stuff down at the BP disaster site like anti-freeze to get oil or something and it makes it all extra explosive…

      • This has been my whole point all along. I will call this “Stinkhole for Dummies”. TB used a freshwater mill out without access to the Grand Gulf 3D, because it was ‘proprietary’, (meaning it’s mine and you can’t see it!). TB knew for a fact since 2007 that they were up against the Shale Sheath along the bottom 1000′ of Cavern 3. So instead of commissioning Baker Hughes to perform a VSP of the surrounding sedimentary layer, (which would have pointed out clearly there was a faultline at 2350 ft.); they just plowed ahead and milled out with 1500 psi a 100 ft. tall and as much as 300 ft. lateral radius, and when the salt washed out into the sedimentary layer, the 100 ft. of suspended salt slamed down

      • Look in your SPAM box and see if you can find me last comment? Hey is that a TV here in this box? Oh no, it’s the Food Channel show 1 million and 1 ways to prepare SPAM! Aaaauuuuuugggghhhh!

      • FDR… So TB have in effect, just pulled out the ‘bath plug’ & allowed the ‘dirty’ bath water of Lake Fubar to drain into the fault system, all the while, leave the taps ( aquifer & swamp water ) running.

        No wonder the fault system is starting to become more active. If the water & brine can lubricate the faults, how much better can oil do so.

      • (Cont.) slammed down and set off the nearby fault line, which under stress shook this whole mess into being a year and a half later. Instead, when the milled out 100 ft of empty space slammed down, it ruptured the shale sheath and thereby causing Oxy 3 to immediately lose pressures. Then Texas Brine says, ‘Ooops! let’s get a VSP done.”
        Also, once it became apparent just after the Jan. 19th shake and bake catastrophe, all Hecox and Pettitt could say is that their is a ‘DIRECT COMMUNICATION BETWEEN THE CAVERN AND THE SINKHOLE WATERS’, so why is it such a stretch to think TB would NOT use free brine? This is what I despise about frauds like ‘Rainbeaudais, Jo Celle’ or whatever alias she is using today, and that is they do not know how to read, or remember the facts as stated.
        Truth is, the extraction from the deep water wells is all but impossible right now due to the high levels of gas in the upper aquifer. Also remember there are other deeper aquifer sands extending at least 10,000 ft. These are better known as production sands in oil field lingo, and are highly toxic waters. So they can’t even drill deeper for waters.
        Also, fi anyone caught TB sump pumping from Grand Bayou, they’d be strung up…so, since they caused the cave-in and technically the sinkhole waters are on the land they leased from Occidental, then where else would they procure the waters from? Unfortunately that makes the overburden rise and fall like a roller coaster and exacerbates any existing faults below, ensuring this disaster will not stop when the ‘cavern is full’, because as long as it can be used for production, then I can promise you that cavern will be very slow filling in the last 102 ft. Then we have the gas pressures….ahh, that is for another day though.

      • “…1 million and 1 ways to prepare SPAM!” Sounds like a CLASSIC Monty Python sketch 😉

        “it spamicizes posts that are consecutive … ” I didn’t do it to mine 😀 Maybe it doesn’t like you FDR ?!

      • Now, to answer your question, David. the faults and voids are pretty much full of Brine from the ‘Frack Out’, as Oxy 3 was holding 27 million barrels of brine when the bottom burst and moved out and up the ‘disturbed rock column. Now for gallons just times 27 million X 42 gallons, and that is filling the surrounding rock strata at depth and lubricating the faults. Whew!

      • When those faults let rip, the whole place will start quivering like a bowl of semi-liquid jelly, it’d be bad enough on ‘solid’ land where you could walk out, but swamp land, the roads in & out won’t just be torn apart, they’ll sink too. swamp boats will be almost useless because of the water turbulence & falling trees. The ONLY safe way out will be by air.

      • What bothers me the most are those little 2 lane blacktop roads to all these small communities … they can’t handle exodus…

      • …The ONLY things you can really guarantee, is that…

        1 The MSM probably wont notice the event until several days afterwards, if at all.

        2 Jindal will almost certainly be out of state when it happens.

      • I have read several believable stories that the mass deaths in Cameroon some years back when “poison gas” came out of a lake near remote village (killing all) was a cover story for big bio-weapon let loose there.
        So anything could happen and they’d call it H1N1 or something. They would cordon it off.

      • “…quit ‘dogging’ me…” FCF put YOU as the dog, not me. Me, I got turned into a girl with the ponytail from HELL 😦

      • hey – that is a smart dog! He is in Bullwinkle and always talks like Einstein. YOU are ‘Simon’ in toon … 🙂

  2. At high concentrations H2S has no smell and people can die with one breath of 1000 ppm or greater. Between 500 and 1000 vital organs can shutdown leading to death.

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    What is that line on map name East valley wall
    Baton Rouge Fault Zone
    Effects of Earthquakes, Fault Movements, and Subsidence on the South Louisiana Landscape


    Contrasting Pleistocene and Holocene Fluvial Systems of the Lower Pearl River, Louisiana and Mississippi, USA (Poster)

    Paul Heinrich
    Fault tectonics of the East Texas Basin – University of Texas …
    Principal fault systems in the East Texas Basin were examined in terms of their …. the Mexia graben and moves downdip into a series of salt pillows, whose growth began prior to Cotton Valley …. extension over a salt decollement in Louisiana and Arkansas. …. with time, and a rollover anticline on the northern hanging wall.


    Earthquakes in Louisiana – Louisiana Geological Survey – Louisiana …


  4. Thanks, Walter. Texas is important as it has a bunch of salt domes too … so it’s all connected underneath.

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  7. Please elaborate the first part of A Fault Line Next to Lake Peigneur | The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle in relation to life insurance company of the southwest, thanks.

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