Friday Chex Mix

US ends freeze on new natural gas exports, approves Texas [LNG] terminal

Corexit, H2S zombies? > ‘Crazy’ Ants Driving Out Fire Ants in Southeast

Video: [May 8]- A team of Japanese and Brazilian scientists say they may have discovered part of the earth’s original continent off the coast of Brazil before the land masses drifted apart.

Conflict of interest dept. –  Ascension considers getting into gas and water business

Ascension Parish government officials, already trying to pull together the early pieces of a parishwide sewer system, also have been investigating the possibility of getting into the natural gas and water business.

Parish President Tommy Martinez has been meeting with an economic development consultant for several months about buying natural gas from pipelines running through the parish and selling it at a profit to industrial users along the Mississippi River. . . .

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