Explosive TIMEBOMB in Assumption Parish

No wonder they try and hide their cavern inventories from the public! There is only a state directive to Crosstex to get rid of product near the expanding out-of-control salt dome collapse below Lake FUBAR. That means these figures from last Sept. on this map are pretty much the same as all oil and gas companies report ‘business as usual” in Assumption Parish.

As of Sept. 2012 there were OVER 120 MILLION BARRELS of LPG just in the map area . . . not counting the rest of Assumption Parish.

 DOW + KDS product shown on the map  =   120,793,163     

And checking just ONE of the natural gas caverns we see MORE than 15 MILLION BARRELS in one spot.

Ser. #  972568      Well#  001       15,510,000  barrels nat’l gas  < Freedomrox says they emptied that cavern.  No natural gas left in it.

We didn’t bother doing all the math on the others on the map.


The Math

= = =    DOW  = = =   tot.  114441908  BARRELS LPG
ser. #    Well#    LPG AMT.

972001     022    9290486
187182     017    3550759
181612     016    2372376
972247     009A    6711632
145921     009    6277622
145382     010    9266456
971766     003A    1620788
971487     003    1620788
971540     001    1538150
971541     002    1373980
122209    007    4142803
138107    008    4727557
973102    008A    4727557

= = =  KDS PROMIX      tot.  6351255  BARRELS LPG
971357    005    1660788
971356    004    1372759
971355    003    1866601
971358    006    1451107

===  DOW + KDS  tot.  =   120,793,163         = = = =


58 thoughts on “Explosive TIMEBOMB in Assumption Parish

  1. I’m speechless In that vein, yesterday the Obama Department of Energy (DOE) announced a conditional approval of the second-ever LNG (liquefied natural gas) export terminal.

    LNG is the super-chilled final product of gas obtained – predominantly in today’s context – via the controversial hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) process taking place within shale deposits located throughout the U.S. Fracked gas is shipped from the multitude of domestic shale basins in pipelines to various coastal LNG terminals, and then sent on LNG tankers to the global market.

    The name of the terminal: Freeport LNG.

    Source: http://www.nationofchange.org/friday-trash-dump-obama-doe-approves-2nd-fracked-gas-lng-export-terminal-1368973309

    also see> Freeport LNG Development, L.P. (Freeport LNG), designed, built and now operates a world-class LNG receiving and regasification terminal in Freeport, Texas. Unique features of the terminal include vacuum-insulated LNG transfer lines; the environmentally friendly VE air tower that provides heat from the air for regasification; a salt-dome cavern gas storage facility, integrated with terminal operations; and boil-off gas reliquefaction system. http://www.freeportlng.com/

  2. This explains the LAWSUIT against Texas Brine. Since they are saying its TB fault, any RESULT of TB’s errors — TB is liable. Now, that is my impression from one state law, for example if a tree falls on your home from the neighbors yard, YOU are liable for repair of damage on your property. BUT if you notify the property owner where the tree is BEFORE an event, then the property owner where the tree is..has to COVER ALL THE DAMAGE. Bet thats the same here. And how much does TB have in insurance coverage? Anyone know? Its limited, as there is a state slush fund ALL the oil/gas companys pay into to cover over the minimal insurance amount they have to have..in nuke plants, its 300M-not much in a full nuclear accident affecting thousands of people…not much.

    • Sorry for the run on sentence. Just makes me so unhappy the citizens of the Bayou Corne area have to face all these messes. It can happen anywhere..and I sure hope there is a LAsinkhole here for us then.

      • yes — Bayou Corne is watched by all in Ohio, PA, the North East, OK , etc. etc.

    • I am sure Texas Brine is worse than the Fertilizer plant people in West, Texas who had about 15 cents in insurance.
      Texas Brine is part of BAYER … and they have deep pockets.
      Everyone must complain by registered mail (proof).
      Even if they don’t answer you can say e we informed you, blah, blah.

      Keep notes in SEWN-BINDING notebook like a composition book. Spiral binder notebooks are no good in court! It matters!

      Residents think of West, Texas and what locals may have known and dismissed BEFORE the explosion.
      You cannot take back missed opportunity!

      Also (opinion) – as Texas Brine won’t make a home buy out offer … home owners can give an offer to Texas Brine. Say a dollar figure. Give them 7 days to make good. Send it registered mail. Then after deadline get attorney.
      Watch them jump.

      • Not gonna happen FcF. TB wrote a check it’s Insurance won’t cover. See, this whole affair sets a precedent for Insurance Companies in the future, and one they will do anything to resist. That’s why I know the offers will be low-balled, because technically, TB has not been found entirely liable.
        The Insurance blogs are blowing up over this issue of pre-emptive payouts before it is court ordered.
        If it was not for people like us, it would not have gotten even this far, and I fear I know the answer, no matter which way the “decision” goes on Tuesday, as TB had stated as the time their Insurance company ‘negotiations’ may conclude. They have missed every deadline thus far

      • FCF & freedomrox,

        “… because technically, TB has not been found entirely liable.”

        Nor will they EVER be. What do you think the LL stands for in LLC ?

        That’s what we get when we ignore the strict liability mandates of The Great I Am in matters such as these (e.g., Numbers 5: 5-7) and allow the god (name a state) to create entities via incorporation and grant such special privileges thereto.

        Also, don’t expect too much help for these poor people from the lawyers and corrupt modern day court system.

        As many have reported on this blog and elsewhere of the corrupt, “in the pocket” politicians and governmental departments that have been of little, if any, help to these people, what makes anyone think there’s no room “in the pocket” for the lawyers and judges. In fact, I’ll bet they have their very own “luxury pocket”.

        That ever so true statement from the woman that knew the whereabouts of his star witness in the movie “The Verdict” with Paul Newman as the plaintiff’s lawyer comes to mind when he was pleading with her to tell him where she was: “You people don’t care who you hurt! You’re all nothing but a bunch of whores !!!”

      • displaced people of Louisiana future disaster need to move in on the Hamptons, Long Island (NY) ultra-rich community where all these Wall Streeters live who wreck lives in Louisiana!

      • I agree … except for lawyers.
        They are the only thing rallying for the A.P. against illegal spying, Julian Assange against extradition, and many, many protestors against “preventive detention” and rigged trials. I know many intrepid attorneys doing heroic work against this monstrous police state … working with almost no budget and an ignorant public that doesn’t know legal challenges can stop giants in their tracks, free the falsely accused and save communities from corporate behemoths. One of the best was NYC vs Critical Mass (city vs bicycle assembly) where the freedom to assemble was won resoundingly.
        Assembly is universally banned in the US unless you are assembling to shop!

      • FCF,

        You’re looking at the exceptional lawyers, which may very well be helping some victims of a corrupt system, to make your point. I know there are some sincere ones out there that may be trying to help, but stop and think about this: Who were the ones (lawyers) that made the extremely complicated maze of todays court system in the first place ? They’re the ones that make the laws, for the most part.

        Did you ever read the volumes of statutes and court rules, which are designed to keep the “layman” totally confused and doomed to failure ? Besides that, you don’t get to know the definitions of the terms and words they use to trap you. I could give you quite a list of words and terms that you and I may think mean one thing, but mean something entirely different in court and legal pleadings.

        Saying there’s good lawyers out there and they mean well is like looking at the medical profession that only know how to do is cut, burn and poison, but never tell you how to keep from getting cancer, heart or any other organ disease, flues, colds, etc., much less how to cure it naturally; and then, when the problem arrives, the doc cuts out, chemos or radiates away the cancer, there stands the bald, weakened victim exclaiming: “Thank God for Doctor so and so.” The “professionals” are a major part of the problem, not the solution.

        I’ve often said: “Finding a good, honest and constitutional lawyer is a like trying to find a piece of straw in a needle stack.
        You may eventually find one, but you’ll get stuck an awful lot in th process.”

      • I made observation after attending scores of activists trials (that went on for years) after the mass, illegal arrests at the RNC in NY. Some great gifted attorneys out there with the National Lawyers Guild. So much police abuse you can see several trials in a day … like a film festival!

  3. OK Bayou Corne Residents, Here we go, but fasten your seat-belts.

    Be prepared for some bull_hit offers. They’ll piss you off real bad!

    Just stay strong. Be firm with Texas Brine the companies making the offers, but most of all be ready to go the distance.

    They think you’re going to fold over for them.

    DON’T DO IT!

    Hold out for a real offer is the best advice I can give you.


  4. Might as well practice up Honey.

    When the residents see the offers Shizat is going to hit the fan. They’ll all be on here cursing away.

    I know 2 of them from the fb sinkhole page are going to “Freak the F Out” when they realize that waving their Pom Pom’s for Texas Brine didn’t do em a lick of good.

    Selling your soul to the Devil is a “No Win” situation, and now they’ve excluded themselves :O

    Oooops Whooops Ladies (and that’s me being gracious considering the misleading information they’ve spewed, and how they beat up on anyone who tried to question them).

    Call me a B_ _ _ _ but I don’t like liars in the middle of national disasters ;(

    It is what it is!

    • did you see Sonny Cranch in the WAFB story hem and haw about the offers? He even said “now, you don’t have to take the offer… you can negotiate blah blah”.
      He looks a little sad about all the lies he has to tell all the time.

      • I’m not buying it!

        TB could have stopped this long ago, like 2010.

        And anytime Mr. Cranch is tired of playing the game he can step on over to the whistle blower protection program.

        I’m sick and tired of watching energy companies trample all over Americans for the all mighty green backs.

        As you’ve stated…. Enough is Enough.

        He’s telling people that because he knows damn good and well the insurance companies have no intention of making these Folk’s whole again.

        SHAME ON TEXAS BRINE & The Entire Lot Of Them!

  5. Texas Brine punches back at Bobby Jindal with this statement… “Cranch didn’t answer directly when asked whether Jindal’s executive order on Monday played a role in Friday’s settlement announcement, instead praising Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon for calling Texas Brine’s insurance carriers.”

    Source: http://www.goerie.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20130524/APN/1305240892

    Now now Boys…. Play Nice 😉 pfffffft

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