Worry Over New Madrid Fault, Lake FUBAR & BP Disaster Site

Strange Sounds – When Will the New Madrid Fault, the Wabash Valley fault, the East Tennessee Seismic Zone Explode?


Mystery Booms and Strange Sounds Compilation: Canada, USA – May 6 to 16

18 thoughts on “Worry Over New Madrid Fault, Lake FUBAR & BP Disaster Site

    • I think some big undersea plates are shifting — .. Pacific Rim plus weirdness in Gulf of Mexico.

      • FCF… Weirdness in Gulf of Mexico doesn’t really begin to explain what’s going to go down…

        Did you know that the Gulf of Mexico is 2/3rds of something a lot bigger, when it formed the entire area flooded, the southern 2/3rds becoming the Gulf of Mexico, the northern 1/3rd silting up and becoming dry land.

        Now it makes sense that what affects 1 part will have at least some effect on the rest. So as the Gulf of Mexico is experiencing increased seismic activity, so will the dry land of the northern 1/3 of the rift.

        The northern 1/3 of the rift is known as the ‘Reelfoot Rift’ and starts BELOW Louisiana and runs north UNDER the New Madrid Fault System.

        Before it failed and became silted up, the ‘Reelfoot Rift’ was destined to become what we know as the Atlantic.

  1. East Tennessee is not part of the New Madrid Fault but West Tennessee is.
    Most of the earthquake in East Tennessee are small and are from mountain building.
    We in East Tennessee got two set of mountains the Appalachian Mountains chain and the Cumberland Plateau Mountains chain and a Valley.
    Cumberland Mountains eastern middle Tennessee
    Tennessee: West Tennessee , Middle Tennessee and East Tennessee.

    Windrock Road – Oliver Springs, TN. ~ Windrocktrails.com
    Half way up the top of Windrock mountains part of the Cumberland Plateau.
    Look for the crosses along that road that where people went off that hill.

    • You’ll know when it happens. Keep an eye to the sky and an ear to the ground. Buddy up with friends and family, more eyes the better. The final hoe down is coming but I can’t tell you when. I wish I knew but I think it’s closer than we all know.

    • if they are working in secret they need to address issue of how to get people away (whee will they go?) on short notice.
      They seem to put all resources on shutting up the press.

      • They don’t want to get people away, that’s the problem. If they did they would have carted people off months ago.

      • displaced people of Louisiana future disaster need to move in on the Hamptons, Long Island (NY) ultra-rich community where all these Wall Streeters live who wreck lives in Louisiana!

      • I’d suggest somewhere like Nebraska or Iowa, anywhere that’s above 300′ to 400′ and somewhere at least 500+ miles in land.

        I’d stay away from the coastal regions, the Mississippi valley ( in fact anywhere on a line between Louisiana and the Great Lakes.

        The Hamptons, HELL NO!!!

        Remember that LITTLE ripple at the end of Deep Impact !!! Imagine that that is what’s come for you, and plan accordingly 😦

  2. I need suggestions for vocabulary to talk about the New Madrid-Lake FUBAR-Macondo idea. ‘Boxcar’ idea or something. Idea about big underground, undersea connection or fissure that is risky because of quakes.

  3. BRIGHT EXPLOSION ON THE MOON: Recently, a small boulder hit the Moon and exploded with as much energy as 5 tons of TNT. NASA scientists say the explosion was bright enough to see with the naked eye.
    atomic bomb .1kiloton = 100 tons TNT may– 7 – 1945.
    This came from the movie Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie

    Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie (1995)
    From the first 100 tons of TNT test to Nukes in Space testing to China Nuke testing.
    I don’t think this has the Nukes testing underground tests.

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