Breaking News – Jindal Comes Out of Stupor


Jindal orders review of all Texas Brine permits
Gov. cites company’s ‘inability to meet’ commitments

“It has become clear that Texas Brine is trying to run out the clock on the citizens of Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou by hiding behind insurance companies, lawyers and lobbyists,” Jindal said in a statement released Monday afternoon. “That is unacceptable. Texas Brine is responsible for the sinkhole, and they need to clean up the mess they’ve made and do right by the people of Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou by issuing long overdue settlement offers.”





Thanks, Walter, for this tip – 😉


42 thoughts on “Breaking News – Jindal Comes Out of Stupor

  1. Assumption Parish Police Jury
    May 20, 2013
    3:40 p.m. Governor’s Press Conference
    Video of Governor Jindal’s press conference held today in Bayou Corne are uploaded and can be viewed at:

    May 20, 2013
    12:20 p.m. Governor’s Press Conference
    We have been recently advised that Governor Jindal will hold a press conference specific to the current status of the situation, today in Bayou Corne at 1:20 p.m.

    May 20, 2013
    11:45 a.m. Blog Changes
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  2. Kudos to Jindal for at least appearing to move, lets see whether he continues, or if he falls asleep again [ NOTE to Jindal :: Next time hold the press conference INDOORS, the wind made it difficult to hear a lot of it ].

    Jindal :: Perhaps allowing TB to build the berm wasn’t the best idea, they’re obviously more concerned with doing it on the cheap rather than with doing it right. Maybe it’s time to swallow your pride and call in the Army Corp of Engineers, and stick TB with the bill. Because I sure as hell would trust TB to build a sandcastle on the beach let alone something as important as the berm.

      • Sadly just wishful thinking on my part… Rip van Wrinkle maybe awake, but sadly it’ll take a fair bit more for him to call in the ACoE, let alone declare a state of emergency and hand it over to the Feds 😦

      • if they wait too long they will have a hard time explaining how they missed the opportunity to do more …. months & months of allowing Texas Brine to call the shots.

      • They missed that opportunity months ago.

        Perhaps they should start looking at the other companies permits too, it’ll keep them on they’re toes, and perhaps give them an incentive to pressure TB by suing them for lost profits just like Crosstex.

        Speaking of missed opportunities, perhaps a look into the finances of state officials with a view as to whether they received KICK BACKS for permits !!!

      • and see how much the Louisiana oil & gas association gave them!
        Alllllll this work was signed off on by state officials who approved permits, leases, paperwork etc. etc. every step of the way!

    • The perennially incipient spectre of greed.

      All the little grey government men having their “I’m all right Jack” moment, never realizing, never caring that they’re screwing over the very people who’ll be asking them “WHY??? Was it worth it???”

      • …this should have been 1 level in, in reply to…

        “and see how much the Louisiana oil & gas association gave them!
        Alllllll this work was signed off on by state officials who approved permits, leases, paperwork etc. etc. every step of the way!”

        WordPress is seriously making my teeth itchy today 😡

      • I am adding things to Mon. News … did you see they are drilling into the cap rock now? What an intelligent thing to do!!!

      • long ago Walter put up a funny video with title like ‘trust me, I’m an engineer’

      • FCF… They drilled into the cap rock every time they made a salt cavern, bore hole etc. Sadly FCF you’re crediting them with an intelligence which patently doesn’t exist.

        DNR I suspect is actually an acronym for “Do NOT Resuscitate” as in “Do NOT Resuscitate – Brain Dead”.

    • You know as well as I that they’re response will as always, be…

      “The payments will start tomorrow”…

      Isn’t it odd, how tomorrow NEVER seems to come 😉

  3. Flyingcuttlefish
    You went a good laugh
    At the Comedy Barn Comedy Barn Pigeon Forge TN
    one of those days.
    Doug Collins at Comedy Barn Funny Laugh

    NASA Satellite Falls on Car – YouTube

    Yes you can type in ‘trust me I’m an engineer’ on you tube and see it.
    And some of this as well ‘Extreme Soil Liquefaction’ or ‘Liquid Earth’
    Making the ground to shake by jumping on it.

  4. Here is one Army Engineer
    Team Fortress 2 – Meet the Engineer

    When you’re on youtube look up ‘trust me I’m an engineer’.

  5. That was for The Cherokee Nation – In Their Honor – The Trail of Tears – c. jackson is on level four of Hell for all enternal Hell of Damnation

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