Dire Warning for Louisiana! Gulf of Mexico Collapse Scenario.

Massive Explosive Potential in Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico. Doomsday?

By Freedomrox

[snip] . . . The Oil layer nearby known as “Big Hum” cannot account for all of the methane pressures Bayou Corne is expressing. If the drilling keeps up next to the Eastern walls by the Australian Drilling Operations….then a total collapse of the Eastern wall is a very high probability. Pressurized Methane Gas is the precursor of liquid oil migrating through the Yellow Seep Zone. I personally see no way to stem or stop this. This is an environmental disaster that will in one way or the other impact and empty all of the surrounding areas in the years to come. Most of the Gulf is in extreme danger!

The mouth of the Gulf of Mexico is collapsing at the gullet of the Mississippi River. When you take out heavy fluids from cracks, fissures, and reservoirs, and do not replace something of equal density, then logic tells you it will fail. This has been the oil industry’s dirtiest secret, and one you have been lied to about since you were a child. The oil industry would have you believe that you can get something for nothing, and never have to put anything back. . .

article –


[emphasis ours]



[snip] “. . . .what is not listed here is Texas Brine’s expertise as the provider of the major component for hydraulic fracturing fluids, nor it’s expertise in storing ‘Fracking’ fluids within these caverns, nor does it list expertise in determining whether there are pre-existing hydrocarbons underneath the cavities they create. This is what the authorities claim is the case at the Napoleonville facility. Natural gas and oil just so happened to be BESIDE the Salt Diapir, and tapped into by coincedence when a known salt cavern was not within the Salt, and laying upon Shale, next to several abandoned Oil Wells, especially the Hooker Oil Well # 1. Watch them pin it all on this one.


37 thoughts on “Dire Warning for Louisiana! Gulf of Mexico Collapse Scenario.

  1. I think this is correct . All coast lines are dangerous areas now . Probably the plan to take over coast of the gulf . To relocate the people there.

  2. This confirms the research my wife and I have been doing. the situation is dire. For me it’s a gamble, I have two years to be eligible to retire, if I go now I lose most of my pension. If I stay Imight not need one anyways! My luck I leave and nothing happens for two years. I honestly don’t believe we have two years but I am just not 100% sure of it. It’s easy from afar to say get the hell out of there but people have lives and families here in Louisiana. every person has to make an evaluation for themselves and measure it out, either way it’s a hard call. The consequences on each side of the coin are high. Good work Freedomrocs, although I didn’t have the detail you presented our thoughts and research coincide.

    • Tony…

      Have you ever had the phone ring and you knew exactly who it was and what they wanted before you ever answered ?

      Have you ever had an occurrence where you know just what someone will say before they say it ?

      Are you and your wife having that same feeling about the current situation ?

      If you are, I’d suggest listening to that feeling.

      It’s better to be poor but alive, than rich and dead.

    • Tony, that is entirely your decision to make. I wrote that article way back in October and updated in November of last year. I have found nothing to dis-abuse me of this scenario, and plenty to confirm it. Many have copied it piecemeal, and even made YouTube vids out of it. But the research is there and it is a dire warning. There is even a Part II, which lays out the whole pipeline scenarion, only requiring one fractured casing to set this whole imbroglio off.
      But, no one, especially not I, can say with certainty what the timeline will be.
      Poppa used to tell me before he passed on, “Every second is a choice; choose wisely.” I say when the Big Shake begins, run like hell, but until that time…just live life to it’s fullest.

  3. I went to your site to read the whole article and you rocked it, freedomrox! I loved it and went looking around and decided to try and join that blog site. You have been doing excellent and informative research, even if the knowledge is completely terrifing. I’m not sure there is really any place that is safe in the entire US if this mess explodes and sets off a chain reaction. Maybe this is why they need so many bullets – to keep us under control once this insanity starts.

  4. Right on. If you have that feeling of dread..its something to listen to and be aware of situation. I would think a large earthquake will be the next “marker”..near Bayou Corne or in the GOM area.

  5. Subsidence driven by sediment deposition and formation depletion are causing the salt deposit known as the “louann” to “migrate” seaward. The louann salt deposit goes as far north as southern Arkansas and as far south as the sigsbee escarpment, which is the leading edge of salt advance. As the salt advances, gas hydrate stability zones, hydrocarbon traps and migration paths are re-arranged and try to seek equilibrium. In the process old faults (like the Sabine transfer fault, “SDN”) can get re-activated. The allochthonous louann salt sheet is the “feedstock” for the napoleonville salt dome. All of the biggest reserves lie under this sheet, like the maddog and atlantic, ect…

    I think….lol

    • So, to put it into simple terms, basically everything within 150+ miles of the gulf coast will be sliding south and by default down i.e. The gulf coast is going to do an Atlantis, and sink.

      Which will be the most likely outcome of a massive earthquake caused by scenario you’ve outlined.

      • and Lake FUBAR now makes its own quakes…. dandy!
        Like a kid practicing clog dancing in a wagon loaded with nitro!

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  8. Just in case THIS thread hasn’t been put to sleep yet.

    I’d just like to ask if anybody knows just how much of the dry land within the Louisiana swamps is actually reclaimed land ?

    My reason for asking is this… Reclaimed land is particularly susceptible to liquefaction in the event of an earthquake.

    Now as I suspect that the majority of roads within southern Louisiana are probably on reclaimed land esp. within the swamps, this will make escape, evacuation or rescue well nigh impossible in the event of a medium to major earthquake.

  9. FCF, if you’d be so kind as to check your SPAM BIN, I do believe that one of my little missives may have accidentally slipped through the cracks and ended up with that particular ‘waste receptacle’.

  10. I believe that all of this, starting with the gulf oil spill in 2010, is planned. We are living at ground zero of a huge “construction” site, and we do not have long before the first phase of construction begins..which is demolition. What are they making, and who am I talking about? The illuminatti, their plans for a new world order, one country, one language, one currency – for the Mega rich – and no one else…so, what are the building here in Louisiana? We are the deep water channel up to a new Mega deep water port located in the now center of this country, Missouri. It will be located next to the super highway and directly across from the big airport in Denver Colorado. The area formerly known as the USA will be the import, export hub for the new world order. All those who are not Mega millionaires are considered to be worthless eaters and, well, will be destroyed. Right now, we have been preforated with excessive tracking, we have been weakened with freshwater introduction to salt formations, we have massive amounts of explosive gases, oil, radioactive materials, old munitions, massive volcanoes which have been drilled into in the gulf. Oil has been introduced to the new Madrid fault line lubricating the fault. We are all pumped up, and ready to blow. All they have to do is relieve the pressure, much like holding onto a balloon, then letting it go, and we will have the ground drop from beneath our feet and drown in a sea of fire and chaos. When? It is not our call, we are not invited to the party so to say. The timeline for their port is 2014-2034. But like I said, demolition is step one in many construction projects, so my guess is, we are ripe so anytime starting —months ago. My opinion, my thoughts concluded from much, much prompting from the lord to read, read, read, learn, talk, discover, believe and tell those who will listen to this preposterous, ugly, evil tale which is not mine. I’m just a messenger in God’s army. Illuminatti be damned! God bless the innocent.

  11. Karen, good research. I too have researched this coming event carefully and I have been ever since April 20, 2010. I live right on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and will be one of those to partake in the epic plunge into the new chasm of fire, burning oil sludge, Corexit, antifreeze, and God knows what else. I think you were pretty spot-on. My concerns are also with the antifreeze (ethylene glycol or whatever form they used) BP pumped into the Gulf to thaw the methane hydrate ice crystals at the floor and beneath. The problem with this is that once the methane thaws, the new gas form has to escape somewhere so it naturally takes the path of least resistance. Unfortunately, this involved, in-part, its migration up the New Madrid fault line under the Mississippi River Valley. We can also see that since this disaster, there have been visible plumes of gas discharging up along the fault line, up through the states surrounding the fault. These plumes are seen discharging together across several states at a time. You can view these using the real-time satellite imaging provided on the USGS website. I am not sure if these plumes are not just water vapor, but it is definitely “convenient” that they show up after the BP event. Also, these gases are determined (by some authorities) to have been the cause in most of the animal deaths we saw to occur at the start of 2011 (birds, fish, etc) that were in the New Madrid states. Also to make matters worse, when the hydrate thawed and left the scene, the water from the gulf filled in the empty space to reach the 5,000 ft. thick Louann Salt Basin and cause it to undergo dissolution. In the end we are left with a giant cavity which exists below about 5 states along the Gulf region. You can bet years of planning and coordination went into this. The simple logistics of engineering an event like the one about to happen is unbelievable. Nevertheless, it seems they have pulled it off for the most part. I hope I am wrong about all this, but if not then it is about to suck big time. Anyway, here is another good site on salt dome formations that also covers the Louann Salt Basin:

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