For Our Prepper Friends

Since some prepper blogs link to articles here we are sharing this worthwhile Red Cross study about floods in N. Ireland.

Red Cross study: Cut Off by Floods

Local emergency planners should consider community representation on regional and sub-regional emergency planning forums. As a first step, key community stakeholders should be identifed, included in local activation contact lists and familiar with the procedure to activate a local multi-agency response



In Case You Need to Leave on Short Notice

Assumption Parish hurricane preparedness (good for other things too)

The Assumption Parish Local Emergency Planning Committee BY LAW has  to

  • Prepare reports on annual releases of toxic chemicals into the air, water, and water
  • Set up procedures to alert and, if necessary, evacuate the public in case of emergency
  • . . . more

. . . and if you are interested in a variety of emergency supplies RENSE has ads for them all over his site.

14 thoughts on “For Our Prepper Friends

  1. For those of you who haven’t prepared yet… WHY NOT !!!

    Suggestions on making a Go bag / Bug Out Bag –

    Click to access BOB-SurvivalKit.pdf

    Buy / borrow / etc books on Survival Skills, read them thoroughly ( they’re actually a lot more interesting than you’d think ).
    Enrol on a course that will allow you to acquire those skills.
    Learn about plants ( both for food, and for medicinal properties )
    Learn about animals ( both for food, and avoidance )
    And if you feel like your up to it, learn self-defence, the biggest threat to your survival and that of your loved ones, is MAN… BE WARY !!!!

    !!!!!!! LEARN FIRST AID !!!!!!!
    You’ll need it.

    This means equipment, your health, your loved ones, everything.

    Prepare for hell, hope for the laughter of friends and that it’s all just a big mistake.

    NOTE – This advice isn’t just for the people in Louisiana, it’s for everyone, everywhere.

  2. Be very careful where you purchase your food/supplies and the quantity. As ironic as this sounds two years ago a Bill was passed stating that if you had more than two weeks of food in your pantry you could be considered a terrorist. Rand Paul talked about it extensively and begged his counter parts not to pass the Bill. Unfortunately is passed. This also went along with having more than two guns you could be considered a terrorist. David is right everybody should be ready in the event of a disaster of any nature.

    • that is so stupid. NY did the same thing with party masks. Everyone ignores the law. Now, a bank will hassle you if you come in wearing one 🙂 !

      NOTE – wordpress is all screwed up and I cannot edit this morning…. grrrr…..

  3. Just in case your having doubt about whether it’ll really be necessary to go to these length –

    ‘…In an epidemiological analysis, the World Health Organization concludes that this means there could be many mild, unrecognised cases spreading the virus in the general population. “The continued appearance of cases that are not part of larger clusters, and who do not have a history of animal contact, increases concerns about possible community transmission,” they report. …’

    And the clincher in ALABAMA – it looks like it may have arrived ?!

  4. The outbreak in – ALABAMA – “A mystery respiratory illness has killed two people and infected five others in Alabama. All of the victims have shown signs of fever, cough and shortness of breath, but the Alabama Department of Public Health hasn’t been able to identify the disease.”

    Odd, the symptoms just happen to match the Novel Coronavirus, at least according to the CDC –

    It looks like this baby really IS GOING GLOBAL 😦

    And don’t forget this beauty has a roughly 50% kill rate.

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