Save Lake Peigneur Letter

Letter to the Editor:

SB200   Senator Fred H. Mills, Jr.    Failed 17 yeas and 19 nays     

SALT DOMES:  Prohibits the issuance of certain permits to create or convert a solution mined cavern for storage purposes.

SB200 had been amended.  SB200 was to provide for the  prohibition of certain permits on state owned water bottoms; to provide terms,  conditions, and requirements; and to provide for related matters.

The amended SB200 would have been just for 5 years until more research is done on the safety of natural gas salt dome storage caverns.

AGL Resources, Jefferson Island Storage & Hub, LLC, will not do an Environmental Impact Statement nor will they give the Seismic Study that was done to Save Lake Peigneur.

Jefferson Island Storage & Hub, LLC employs 10 people and will hire one more after the expansion.

Senator Adley came before the senate microphone and stood before Senator Mills, and told Sen. Mills that he was playing games.  Adley again and again brought up the disaster at Lake Peigneur in 1980, as if that disaster was nothing.  Senator Adley told Senator Mills that he appreciated his problems. I wonder if Senator Adley appreciates what has happened to the people that live in Assumption parish.

Sen. Adley voted against SB200 on May 7 and 21.  He ran a company that managed natural gas.    In and Advocate article Sen. Adley stated that “I reached out to lobbyist friends I’ve known for years and said people need to be reasonable”.  Senator Adley must have reached out to a lot of his lobbyist friends, as there were 20 lobbyists there for AGL Resources. Someone said the senate floor looked like an oil and gas convention. About Lake Peigneur

Do lobbyists run our state? Why didn’t the DNR protect the people in Assumption parish?  Why don’t most of the senators protect or care about the people that live around natural gas storage caverns?

To the Senators who voted and did the right thing thank you so much for caring about people’s lives.  Save Lake Peigneur does not have lobbyists or money.  The people that live in that area are hardworking people and so many work in the oil and gas industry but they are trying to protect their lives.

21 thoughts on “Save Lake Peigneur Letter

  1. UPDATE –

    Senator Mills SB200 was reconsidered today. With a few hours notice we gathered 10 residents and Kathy Wascom, our lobbyist from LEAN to support our bill.

    AGL had an estimated 20 lobbyists of extremely well-paid lobbyists.

    Although we lost by a mere 2 votes, ordinary citizens battled against the extremely experienced lobbyists. In that sense we did not lose.

    As always, Senator Mills was outstanding, in fact I was pleased to hear one of the lobbyists complain that his persistence and commitment was annoying.

    We continue to applaud his integrity. We are also very grateful to the support we received from the 17 senators who supported SB200, including Senator Perry and Senator Cortez. Senator Guillory from St. Martinville remained absent although the parish government and law enforcement officials were staunch in their support of SB200.

    The purpose of the bill was to stop the permitting process for at least 5 years to give time to truly study the numerous issues of concern; bubbling in the lake, contamination of the Chicot Aquifer, property devaluation and geological anomalies.

    The state’s policies failed the residents of Bayou Corne. After nine months there is no resolution. SB200 would have assured clear unbiased solution. The 19 senators who voted against SB200 have gambled with the lives of 4000 Lake Peigneur residents as well as the drinking water for numerous parishes from the Chicot Aquifer.

    Eight years have passed since AGL Resources began their quest to create
    additional caverns in Lake Peigneur. The Bayou Corne disaster and today’s loss has made us more determined to protect our homes and environment.

    Nara Crowley
    Board of Directors
    Save Lake Peigneur, Inc.

  2. I have a feeling that it’ll come back to haunt those that voted against the bill…

    Consider what will happen IF there’s even the slightest problem with the saltdome at Lake Peigneur, or if the one at Bayou Corne gets worse. Those senators will be scurrying around like cockroaches trying to cover their proverbial arses come election time.

  3. I live in Adley’s district but I’m from Lafayette. Putting in a call to him. This situation is horrible as is everything else in this country that we used to be so proud of.

  4. Senator Adley’s main argument was that the disaster at Lake Peigneur was caused by a drilling accident and the bill did not address drilling permits, only solution mining. His argument didn’t make sense and was not the point. The correct point, the one being made by Sen. Mills and the Save Lake Peigneur group, was that the salt dome is suspected to be structurally unsound and not suitable for the purposes of solution mining after the damage that was done to it through the traditional salt mining operation and then the entire contents of the lake being funneled down through it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that dome needs to be structurally assessed…and not by a petrochemical company or LDNR! We’ve seen how well that has worked out in Assumption parish! Senator Adley’s motives for arguing against this is will undoubtedly be quite obvious upon a little investigation.

  5. Louisiana and the Gulf Coast have some good environmental groups that have sprung up over the last few years. I haven’t become familiar with them enough to know for sure whether or not they have set up something to track and report the voting records of our public officials but, I will be looking into this. One will be created somewhere, if there isn’t one already. And, I’ll see to it that it is promoted!!!!

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