Wed. News, Legal Round-Up

A new Situation Summary is out (5-21) They are back to CODE 1 at Lake FUBAR (p.33) What does p. 41 mean? “Continue clearing area for site #2”   Is DOTD rent-a-road-crew for Texas Brine at taxpayer expense??

Louisiana Senate committee approves sinkhole bills – House Bills 493 and 494

KADN – SB200 denied at the mercy of Lake Peigneur residents; AGL Resources in favor

LAFAYETTE, LA (KADN) — The residents of Lake Peigneur are fired up as ever after the bill, SB200, to stop the permitting process of AGL Resources in Lake Peignuer was denied by a mere two votes last night.  AGL Resources began their quest to create additional caverns in Lake Peigneur eight years ago, and with recent unexplained bubbling happening in the lake, citizens are concerned. . . .

Water crisis: Louisiana – Lake Peigneur bill defeated

Press Release by Save Lake Peigneur on the vote –


Senator Mills SB200 was reconsidered today. With a few hours notice we gathered 10 residents and Kathy Wascom, our lobbyist from LEAN to support our bill.

AGL had an estimated 20 lobbyists of extremely well-paid lobbyists.

Although we lost by a mere 2 votes, ordinary citizens battled against the extremely experienced lobbyists. In that sense we did not lose.

As always, Senator Mills was outstanding, in fact I was pleased to hear one of the lobbyists complain that his persistence and commitment was annoying.

We continue to applaud his integrity. We are also very grateful to the support we received from the 17 senators who supported SB200, including Senator Perry and Senator Cortez. Senator Guillory from St. Martinville remained absent although the parish government and law enforcement officials were staunch in their support of SB200.

The purpose of the bill was to stop the permitting process for at least 5 years to give time to truly study the numerous issues of concern; bubbling in the lake, contamination of the Chicot Aquifer, property devaluation and geological anomalies.

The state’s policies failed the residents of Bayou Corne. After nine months there is no resolution. SB200 would have assured clear unbiased solution. The 19 senators who voted against SB200 have gambled with the lives of 4000 Lake Peigneur residents as well as the drinking water for numerous parishes from the Chicot Aquifer.

Eight years have passed since AGL Resources began their quest to create
additional caverns in Lake Peigneur. The Bayou Corne disaster and today’s loss has made us more determined to protect our homes and environment.

Nara Crowley
Board of Directors
Save Lake Peigneur, Inc.

Judge greenlights class-action status for [4] sinkhole lawsuits

“U.S. District Judge Jay C. Zainey also will give Texas Brine Co. 30 more days to directly negotiate stalled out-of-court settlements with evacuated residents lacking legal representation.”

House near sinkhole burns after lightning strike  – lucky it didn’t set something off!

Lake Peigneur bill defeated in Senate

1.7 quake in Spring City, Tennessee < MAP  <<< Look how CLOSE it is to Watts Bar nuke plant

WAFB – Court approves sinkhole class-action suit

“Texas Brine had committed to issuing settlement offers within 45 days of property inspections. As of May 20, 66 inspected properties had reached the 45-day window. On May 24, 85 properties will be on the 45th day since inspection and 87 properties will be on the 45th day since inspection on May 31.”

Mississippi – Oyster leaseholders lose suit blaming oil spill berms for damage
Oyster growers on both sides of the Mississippi River who sued the state, dredge operators and BP claiming damages to their oyster leases in 2010 during the construction of berms designed to capture oil during the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill had their lawsuit thrown out in two different federal courts on Monday. . . .


17 thoughts on “Wed. News, Legal Round-Up

    • Seriously!

      It’s hard to believe anything reported after seeing all the lies and cover-ups on a daily basis.

      Reminds me of the fertilizer explosion where something came flying downward just before the explosion.

      It’s not until a person is personally involved in a news report that they know for sure just how screwed up reports can be.

      I wasn’t there, I have no idea if it true or not, I’m just clarifying why I find anything they report hard to believe.

    • uh-oh …. but there were huge dots of lightning on the radar last night …. so many I was going to edit the entry but WordPress acted up.

      • Was probably lightening. I was just being a smart-alec 🙂 Still in a really bad mood since SB200 failed. I turned off video as soon as vote was taken. Immediately afterward, my local tv news did a tease for their evening broadcast…about the huge natural gas boom in the area and all the jobs it will bring. I left the house, went to my favorite Mexican restaurant and enjoyed a very large margarita. I can speak now…just sarcastically 😉

      • FCF, this is a local piece by Lonny Cavalier, and think it should be featured.

        Bayou Journal

        Texas Brine Shows Its True Colors
        By: Lonny Cavalier, Contributing Writer

        It’s akin to hearing sirens and wondering if your kids are involved in some accident, or if you’re in a boat and a storm rolls in and you wonder if you have enough fuel to take you safely to shore.
        Get the point?
        It is like someone kicking you in the stomach, the worst feeling ever.
        That is what Texas Brine and its execs have done to the people of Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou for a year now.
        They have kicked you in the gut, sliced you in the back, poured salt in the wound, then spit at you when they kick you for one final time.
        That is what you feel if you are in some way connected to this event, and Texas Brine continues its mining operations, raking in millions, lying to the victim’s, not even with a straight face, and how can you forget when Mark Cartwright smirked at 74 year old Norm Schewe’s statement, “That we just don’t trust you”.
        A few pointers to remind them:
        *Go back to late 2010 when this event started with P & A of Texas Brine’s well. If the revelation would have been made then rather than in August of 2012, we may well not be in this situation today.
        *Then, remember the stagnant response of Texas Brine following the sinkhole development. If you take their word, an “earthquake”, caused this.
        *Then the issue of N.O.R.M. being injected into the cavern. Texas Brine said they did. They suddenly reversed themselves when they figured out it was illegal to do so during the relevant period. While always denying about injecting, suddenly numerous permit requests were discovered from Texas Brine to Office of Conservation to inject the material into various wells, but yet the company refuses to acknowledge that it ever did. So the evidence speaks volumes to the contrary.
        *Texas Brine consistently violated Office of Conservation orders to do what was needed to make the region safer, ie. vent wells, monitors, etc.
        *Only after being told that they were in violation of their permit did Texas Brine agree to pay support funds to resident’s, then moved to discontinue payments to camp owners.
        *Then there came the revelation that Texas Brine was selling for profit crude oil harvested from the sinkhole.
        *The 3-D imaging results if you listen to Texas Brine, leads one to believe that everything is ok.
        *The dagger through the heart, Texas Brine looks the Governor in the face and says, “We will move towards buyouts in a swift manner, and we expect offers to go out within 45 days.”
        To date, some 55 days later Texas Brine has not extended a single offer to a single homeowner.
        What a disgrace!
        But don’t worry resident, it’s getting better.
        More gas under your homes, more bubble sites, a severe uptick in seismic events, an ever expanding sinkhole, promised buyouts that now seem to be an afterthought. If not for those things, all would be great living in Bayou Corne.
        What is disgusting is that this company has consistently looked the public in the eye and told lie after lie, after lie.
        While totally disabling a community, Texas Brine continues to produce product by mining Oxy Geismar No. 2, creating revenue for this company.
        Meanwhile, Texas Brine has failed the community that has supported them over the last 30+ years. Texas Brine is not making good on its financial obligations to the parish, the state and the many creditors owed for this ongoing event, as well as residents.
        The State of Louisiana should immediately file litigation to seize any asset’s derived from the Texas Brine Corporation’s activities, have the funds placed in escrow and preserved for recovery financing. There is legal precedent for such action and should be filed immediately.
        In the meantime, the executives charged with the task of running this company, those same executives who have misled everyone that they have dealt with throughout this event, should immediately step aside in lieu of leadership that will be responsible to the needs of the affected resident’s.
        The state should also move to revoke all operating authority Texas Brine has, until they install responsible officers who will run this company in a prudent manner and take the good with the bad. Enough is enough!

      • Glad you re-posted this, Freedom. It is an excellent article! I hope to see it posted in many places!

      • Flyingcuttlefish
        I could not open it up FOR Walter and FR May 23, 2013 at 12:10 am.

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