Thumper Truck Stuck in Overdrive – oh, wait – – – It’s Seismic Activity!

Large jumpin’ and thumpin’ at Lake FUBAR – and the deeper monitor at LA17 konked out yesterday.





There is some drilling going on so that makes the  solid mass on LA14 –


HelicorderBuck13OFF(LA17 is probably near LA16. It is south of Hwy 70)

13 thoughts on “Thumper Truck Stuck in Overdrive – oh, wait – – – It’s Seismic Activity!

    • they have been pretty bad lately … I haven’t posted them but now it looks like an unstoppable chain reaction down there!

  1. Much of what you are seeing is drilling, and they seem to be having an especially hard time getting through the caprock into salt. Bears closer inspection. Also, seismic activity will continue, until this drilling ends, and doubtful, even then. Oxy 1 is not terribly far from complete infiltration.

      • yes – tick tock – they should get off that cap rock … they have screwed everything up so far …

      • What truly pisses me off? The Taylor Energy Oil well blow out pouring into the GOM since 2004, and Bonny has been reporting on it every since then, and neither the LA. Govt. nor the Federal Govt. give a damn. BP’s Macondo is still ongoing as well, but this is criminal in the extreme!

      • I think they are all leaking. Somewhere on a vid sometime ago someone said the cement casings all breakdown over time. The cannot be repaired and the oil escapes out of the sides lang after they are ‘plugged’.

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