Dangerous Air Pollution at Bayou Corne < do not inhale!

From Freedomrox

I implore all to notice at the bottom of this report, the VERY HIGH AMOUNTS of VOC’s and H2S, then compare to LDEQ’s reports.

You are not out of harm’s way. You are breathing highly carcinogenic fumes, and the Govt. of Louisiana is not reporting any of this to you, the people forced to live nearby. Stop drinking Teleca’s Kool Aid. Things are not OKAY! Get Organized, PROTEST! and use the information provided to PROSECUTE TEXAS BRINE, LDNR, LDEQ, Conservation, and JINDAL, for Malfeasance,  Abuse of OfficeWhere is your local District Attorney, and why is he not pressing charges and arresting these people?

poison     poison   poison   ALSO – Freedomrox says –

Comments from the BRC’s regarding G-01 core sampling and analysis and geophone array were received on 5/20/13 and responses are being developed. On 5/21/2013 began to set and grout the 16’’ casing; will begin drill out of cement plug on 5/24/2013.

LOOK at the ATTACHMENTS, and it all becomes clear. All sites being tested, yet none ever released to the residents or the Public, as required by Directive or State Law.


10 thoughts on “Dangerous Air Pollution at Bayou Corne < do not inhale!

  1. The K-25 Fluoride Disaster
    Oak Ridge is the home of the largest ongoing chemical accident in the US and the name of the accident is the Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant. This one plant absorbed 25 percent of the Manhattan Project’s wartime funding to try and keep hydrogen fluoride poison gas from getting loose on the workers and the region.
    In this secretive process, a huge fluorine accident release near Buffalo [Tonawanda] was covered up by the military to keep the Germans from learning about the uranium enrichment project. An entire edition of a newspaper that reported this incident was confiscated. This release accident was so bad that it frosted the window glass on cars and buildings for miles around the plant and evacuated half the city.
    Still other early warnings occurred at the Du Pont chemical works in New Jersey whose fluorine production problems devastated Peach crops, raised the blood fluoride levels in humans for two downwind counties, and crippled cattle and horses.

    Other industries like the aluminum and steel industries also sought to cover up huge health effects like the fluoride disaster at Donora, Pa. and the Reynolds works on the St. Lawrence. The book called “When Smoke Runs Like Water”.
    K-25 and S-50 Uranium and Fluoride Releases

    Click to access OakRidgeK25andS50UraniumandFluorideReleasesFinalPHA9132010.pdf

    When Smoke Ran Like Water
    Tales of Environmental Deception and the Battle Against Pollution
    Devra Davis talked about her book When Smoke Ran Like Water: Tales of Environmental Deception and the Battle against Pollution, published by Basic Books. Dr. Davis grew up in Donora, Pennsylvania, a mill town
    Donora Smog: Incident 1948
    Look up as well on Youtube Killer Fog or Killer Smog.

  2. I send two E-mail how many days does it take to get there.
    The first one Gas Volumes as of 28 May
    What good is Indoor Monitoring do, how many air filters do they need before they test the air.
    And two this one.
    The K-25 Fluoride Disaster, “When Smoke Runs Like Water”, Killer Fog or Killer Smog.

  3. For those that don’t know, the main active ingredient in Prozac “fluoxetine” is 94% sodium fluoride. It is used in other antidepressants too.

    • and it’s a waste product from making aluminum and they fobbed it off as an ‘ingredient’ because it’s so hard to get rid of! There’s a section on it “Dead Cities” (essays ) by Mike Davis.

  4. I have read that the fluoride in Prozac and other ssri drugs is locked into the molecule and can not be released. That may be the case but the effects of both fluoxetine and fluoride are very similar. Fluoride builds up in the pineal gland and causes calcification, fluoxetine targets the pineal gland and can also cause calcification (supposedly, looking for the research).

    • try fooling around with the sidebar links on FC (parent blog) …. there’s probably something good there ….

  5. After looking into it further it is not sodium fluoride that is in Prozac , it is just fluoride. Fluoride is a negative ion of fluorine, natural or manmade. Fluoxetine/Prozac is fluoride attached by a strong covalent bond with carbon and a few “others”. Supposedly there is no known process or enzyme in the body that can break the bond and release the fluoride from the carbon. Sodium fluoride has the negative fluorine ion plus sodium. The fluoride in this case is not strongly bonded and aggressively seeks one. It attaches to calcium readily and “supposedly” leaches it from your bones. Which is the osteoporosis connection with fluoride. The fluoride/calcium collects in the pineal gland. I read where doctors measured up to 21,000 ppm in the hard outer layer of the pineal gland of several test cadavers during a study. High levels of aluminum and calcium were also found. The pineal gland has been called “the seat of the soul” by many researchers.

    I did not see anything on the parent blog FC, but I could have overlooked it.

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