Watching a Big Storm in the South Gulf of Mexico

It is a tropical storm system and isn’t on the NOAA hurricane page yet. Here is a picture of it from their tropical weather page.

Intellicast image


Thanks to Keith Mandeville for the tip – 🙂

short link –

22 thoughts on “Watching a Big Storm in the South Gulf of Mexico

      • I am trying to save money with EPOXY on disconnected flex hose (metal) for shower. The threads somehow are mangled and it cannot be screwed back in. Before expensive replacement of the whole thing, faucets set in solid concrete wall, I am using metal-epoxy (from Bison) … a lot of duct tape. And when it sets a bunch of silicone glue. To seal it all up.
        It’s wrecked anyway …
        … so if my glue job doesn’t work I’ll get the plumber to do the replacement.

      • I have to wait about 36 hours – then gobs of glue then 24 + hours for test drive …

  1. I was just watching Accuweather video this afternoon and, presently, the system looks to be falling apart. However, a low pressure system could develop a little farther east that may threaten the southern US gulf coast by later next week. In the Accuweather link below Dan talks about general development along the hurricane zone two minutes into the video. At about three minutes into the video, Dan briefs us about the remnants of the tropical system. This is how the situation appears at present.

    • I added that one map link to the sidebar with all the weather … as it has a good map of entire Gulf …

    • If you check the real-time, animated hurricane map used in the article, you will see the atmoshere north of the Yucatan peninsula is firing up.

      • I think it will form up instead of break up (because it is removed from the news) ….

  2. I think our first contender for the title of ‘Ass kicking Hurricane of 2013’ is sitting just of the coast of Sierra Leone just waiting to enter the ring as we speak.

      • It’s the Mississippi as well, and according to the ‘flood gauge’ readings on Googleearth it’s just about at St Louise.

        That Googleearth plugin can also show –

        Snow fall
        Rain fall
        Storm & Tornado warnings
        Air quality
        and probably a whole shed load of other things too.

      • yeah – saw it on the flood stage map …. it’s on the sidebar … Baton Rouge has rivers just above flood stage but Donaldson is still a little below …

      • …I forgot, it also does Volcanoes too ( with possible Webcam viewing ), if you combine it with one of the Earthquake kmz / kml you’ll just about have everything covered.

        Actually the only thing it doesn’t cover is SINKHOLES 😦

      • Actually, I think leaving out sinkholes just ruins the whole package, after all it’s just as much of a disaster as the rest of them 😦

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