Weekend Chex-Mix as News Blackout Continues on Lake FUBAR

Reminder – they continue berm repairs at Lake FUBAR and it is making the helicorders jump. But they are jumping by themselves overnight!

Something has happened at LA10-02 Sat. night.

Before It’s News – La. Sinkhole: Salt Dome Cavern Dropped 31 Feet

“Aside from those reports, silence of late about the status of the expanding emergency area has been as eery as Cajun bayous the energy companies have spoiled.”

First 8 min. of this video has to do with the salt dome collapse. Then it’s yadda yadda….

LINK –  http://youtu.be/hr-VkNRZE-A

BP Earth Watch on the new, improved Lake FUBAR –

LINK –  http://youtu.be/FC9otpdp9ac

Strange blobs found near Chauvin, Louisiana are animals called bryozoans. (map)

The weekly SONRIS Report (p. 3) shows that DNR is letting Gulf South drill away in Napoleonville even as the berm road crumbles away.

LEAN – Community still evacuated, ground still sinking, buy-outs inadequate; will Bayou Corne residents find justice in court?

In Florida, where other non-salt-dome caused sinkholes form under hapless homeowners’ feet the insurance industry invented an ‘out’ for themselves. Is the Neutral Evaluation Process actually helping Florida homeowners? A lot more Florida sinkhole stories today are here.

Also in Florida a big sinkhole opened in Tampa. We were going to not cover all the sinkholes in Florida as they aren’t from salt domes but this spate of big home-eating sinkholes in different west Florida communities seems to indicate something is up. Probably oil and gas industry related.

HBO will show the documentary on fracking, “Gasland Part 2“, on July 8th at 9 p.m.

Fracking operation set to break ground after the state of Tennessee passes new regulation on Hydraulic Fracturing
What do you know? David DeGraw on Mental Slavery – Conditioned Consciousness

LINK –  http://youtu.be/Oq9A14xfU88

“Please sign the petition, found at


  . . . calling for an end to the use of toxic chemical dispersants, a part of the National Contingency Plan regarding oil spills in the United States.”

Crazy Ants update – they eat electronics(!). Will they eat the helicorders if they get to Louisiana? They are nearby in Louisiana.

14 thoughts on “Weekend Chex-Mix as News Blackout Continues on Lake FUBAR

  1. Going DOWN rapidly…

    Assumption Parish Police Jury

    “1:40 pm Update
    Texas Brine has reported to us that Oxy Cavern 3 floor has dropped another 32′ since last Friday’s tagging. This is 61′ over the past two weeks, which now gives 161′ left unfilled. It is unknown why this is occurring now, but weekly monitoring shall continue. We will continue to post this information as it becomes available.”


    Next stop… The Earth’s core.

    • …I just bet that TB’s feeling a little foolish about using the word STABILITY, because every time they say something the sinkhole goes and does the opposite.

      • I read what they had to say.
        To me that doesn’t make one bit of sense what their saying.
        Unfilled what ?

        June 8, 2013
        1:40 p.m. Update
        Texas Brine has reported to us that Oxy Cavern 3 floor has dropped another 32′ since last Friday’s tagging. This is 61′ over the past two weeks, which now gives 161′ left unfilled. It is unknown why this is occurring now, but weekly monitoring shall continue. We will continue to post this information as it becomes available.

        May 18, 2013
        9:05 a.m. Update
        It has been reported to Assumption Parish Incident Command that their is 96′ of area left to be filled in the Oxy 3 cavern. The drilling operation on the Geophone 1 well to be installed into the salt begins today.

      • I think what they mean is 161′ of fluid between the top of the sediment and the alleged cavern roof. As the sediment / rubble compacts downward, the gap opens up again.

        How long this will continue will depend upon which of the following is correct –

        1 : Cavities within the rubble are collapsing, allowing the rubble to compact.

        2 : The wall between one cavern and another has gone down and the rubble is being pushed into another cavern.

        3 : A portion of the rubble consists of salt from the dome, that has fallen from the ceiling and walls, and is now dissolving in an influx of fresh water.

        4 : Any combination of the previous 3.

      • As much sand they have been dumping at Oxy 3 it should have been field by now.
        The 3D seismic survey show it was field in.

      • Walter that 3D seismic survey, was paid for by TB, and showed just what TB wanted it to show. It would have showed ‘Jimmy Hoffer’s’ body if they’d wanted that too.

        Just because TB says something is true, it doesn’t mean that it is. Remember, only a few days ago, TB was saying that the cavern was nearly full, and the whole area was STABLE, within a few days we had…

        The cavern floor drop of 29′.
        A full on breach of the southern berm, with a drop of approx 6′.
        And another drop of the cavern floor of 32′.

        It seems to me that the thing TB needs most is a NEW dictionary, so that they can look up the word STABLE, because, this is not stable.

      • I know what you’re saying I have read many book reports from DOE before.
        Just playing around with words.
        I think there trying to do the right thing whatever that is.

      • I don’t know about you, but I doubt that their idea of ‘doing the right thing’ would match our very closely.

        They’ve had plenty of chances to ‘do the right thing’ and come clean from the very beginning, but they try to sing and dance their way out of their share of the blame, they STILL affirm that the tremors cause the problems with the cavern and caused the sinkhole, despite everything the USGS says to the contrary.

        I strongly suspect that their idea of the ‘right thing’ is to try and maximize the profits in anyway that they can, no matter what it costs everybody else.

      • Maybe X-10 in Oak Ridge TN could help ?
        X-10 Oak Ridge National Laboratory
        New all-solid sulfur-based battery outperforms lithium-ion technology
        New family of tiny crystals glow bright in LED lights
        YouTube – ORNL Channel

        Y-12 Nation Security Complex

        I don’t know if they’re going to have a Secret City festival in Oak Ridge TN or not this year with tour of the Nuclear plants.
        From 1942 until 1949, Oak Ridge TN a city of 75,000 people did not exist on ANY map.

    • you said it!
      Posting now …. (I was off line) … scaring myself with that

      • Fullerene
        A fullerene is any molecule composed entirely of carbon, in the form of a hollow sphere, ellipsoid or tube.

        Evolution of Bacteria? Mind blowing clip!
        a living synthase motor

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