Dear Sonny Cranch,

Do you seriously think NOTHING reportable has happened at your disaster site in the LAST 10 DAYS?

sonnyQuit hiding.

22 thoughts on “Dear Sonny Cranch,

  1. So basically, Sonny’s just saying

    “You’ll know just what we want you to know. Even if Bayou Corne get’s sucked down to the seventh level of Hell, you won’t know about it unless we decide to tell you ( which we probably won’t ).”

    or in cop talk

    “Move along, nothing to see here.”

    • Actually, there is a great amount of news. Seismic activity is greatly impacting the caverns closest by. Enhanced levels of SO2 and H2S are being detected on Pad 9, and various other parts of the pipeline, as detailed at this link.

      Click to access DNR06062013.pdf

      As for the Drill Rig for the seismic array that is 3100 ft. and into the salt, a whole history is here:

      Click to access 2013-6-6TBCDaily.pdf

      “Work on building the well pad for this well location is complete; Pile driving of 20” surface casing was completed on 5/15/2013 to a
      depth of 280’; The drill rig has begun to arrive on site 5/15/2013. Drilling has commenced
      and is currently at a depth of 626’; Comments from the BRC’s regarding G-01 core sampling
      and analysis and geophone array were received on 5/20/13 and responses are being
      developed. On 5/21/2013 began to set and grout the 16’’ casing; will begin drill out of
      cement plug on 5/24/2013. The 10” casing was installed and cemented with drilling resuming on
      6/1/13; The first coring sample was taken on 6/2/13 from 1498’ to 1558’; Second coring sample
      completed between 2228’-2288’ on 6/4/13; Drilling continued from 2611’ to 3132’; The top drive is
      currently undergoing maintenance and the final 60’ core run will begin once the rig is back
      operational; Drilling and sampling continues with a sample taken from the shale shaker every 10’

  2. It just occurred to me. SO2? Fire plus H2S = SO2, throw a little water in it and we have sulfuric acid! H2S does not completely burn and turns into SO2. Something needs to be investigated a little more deeply if SO2 is present. Two questions come to mind, one where is it coming from? And two, how is oxygen getting into the ground? SO2 is sulfur dioxide one sulfur atom and two oxygen. It’s not just natural occurring.

    • sulfur topic came up a long time ago and it was mentioned there are old sulfur mines/deposits around there (I think).

      • These questions also remain, was it a representative sample? Who caught it? Was the sampling device clean and purged out? Was the analyzer (Chromatograph) purged in between samples? We need a recheck on the sample to verify the results. Something that indicates SO2 is presents needs further investigation.

      • I don’t believe that is indigenous to the soil however who knows what was put down in that hole! Anything is possible. HAving O2 in that cavern or in the ground is a bad deal either way.

      • SO2 is in the air around the Capital due to the refineries. They are allowed to emit in <500 PPM so PPB at the Capital would be reasonable.

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