Methane Unleashed

2 items about the global rise of methane –


And Elizabeth Kolbert’s scary 2005 3 part series in The New Yorker, “The Climate of Man”. Part one has all about the melting of the permafrost.  Way under the ice (now disappearing) is peat moss like stuff that spontaneously combusts because it is exposed to air … melting more ice.


8 thoughts on “Methane Unleashed

  1. What there not telling people what it was like Before the Little Ice Ago 1300.
    Little Ice Age Coming in 2014 ?
    The Little Ice Age, Ca. 1300 – 1870
    What they don’t want you to see.
    I guess this is good as it get to see where the Magnetic North Pole was at a 1,000 years or 2,000 years a-go.
    By looking at this map yes the Magnetic North Pole is heading to Russia if so our summers well be getting hotter.
    How thawing permafrost can increase CO2 emissions not men made.
    Thawing permafrost all that decaying plant and animal matter it smell bad.

    Home page
    Chronometric Techniques–Part I

    • It’s in the New Yorker article. In part 2 or 3 is another scary thing from the ancient past. Someplace in Africa that had thriving cities and trade etc. had a super-drought where the portion of the continent water table got sucked out almost overnight and destroyed the region and it became a sand pit.
      The measures taken today include everything except behavior change and reducing CO2 or the capitalist/consumerism model favored by 1% of 1% hoarders.

      I think CO2 is the player here, and have lots on it over at the FC blog. BUT…. anyone can post other ideas here as we’re a big hodge-podge of ideas.

      Global methane story may impact Louisiana methane if it’s ‘all coming up’ from below… but I think Louisiana methane is different story than Arctic methane.

    • and up by Chicago there is big debate that city of Chicago is using too much water from Lake Mich. — they have a big pipe out there to supply the city with water and they get super heat waves in the summer.

      They are the first American big city to adopt roof gardens to create roof cooling on high rises.

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