As Things Blow Up Near Lake FUBAR Let’s Revisit the Rad Waste Issue

To see how CLOSE Lake FUBAR is to these recent plant explosions in Louisiana scroll ½ way down this post.

Now think about all the rad waste in Napoleonville. From FreedomroxLouisiana Sinkhole: State Documentation Reveals that Radioactive Materials Were INJECTED into Five Additional Napoleonville Salt Dome Caverns

From Jim Lee, Oct. 2012 –


8 thoughts on “As Things Blow Up Near Lake FUBAR Let’s Revisit the Rad Waste Issue

    • To ladyinwaiting 2012

      I found a little more history where I grow up.

      The companies that help build Oak Ridge TN.
      I just went to tell you what I found out the very companies in WW-2 that help in building the Atomic Bomb in WW-2.

      At first, this location was known as “Site X” and later changed to the Clinton Engineer Works, named after the nearest town. After the war, the name was again changed officially to Oak Ridge.

      This town was on no map from 1942 to 1949
      It was a secret city. time war end there was 75,000 people living there and it had a lost town in Oak Ridge as well and this little town had its own indoor theater and stores.
      A lot of them who were pull out of combat to work on K-25 and were happy to be out of combat and I think that how it got it name Happy Valley.
      This little lost town in Oak Ridge had about 16,000 to 17,000 living there.

      I found this Documentary the unprecedented speed to develop the first Atomic Bomb in WW-2.
      Secret Cities of the Atomic Bomb-Documentary-Part.1 to part 3.

      • and another thing, Walter, in those times. At the bigger universities in the US when a prof. was tapped for that research – one morning their house was just empty.
        Prof. and wife and kids whisked away in the night to secret location like Oak Ridge without telling neighbors, schools etc.
        And people ‘knew’ they must be doing ‘war work’ and didn’t worry about the disappeared(!).
        I wonder what the removed kids thought! I wonder what their friends thought!

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