Area Geology & Volcanoes

On  the site at Taum Sauk in Southeast Missouri that probably more people are already familiar with… reader, Ms. Reesa, says,All of the volcanic activity that encircles the Mississippi Embayment, all along the New Madrid region seems to have at least one thing in common…lots of gas and explosive type eruptions. So, all the playing around the energy industry is doing in these systems…the results will be explosive, not a slow moving, quiet lava or mud volcano. And, their activities have triggered the awakening of volcanoes in the past so, the industry is well aware of the risks to our safety.”


Document – The Geology of East Texas (UT Bulletin 1869)

Geologic Maps in Sulphur Bluff, TX


The Jackson Volcano

Jackson’s Hidden Volcano


Searching for the Heartland’s Lost Volcano

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Hacking the Planet – Weather Channel show:  Predicting earthquakes (short video)   < it shows earthquake liquification and the thumper truck used to find that hazard.

43 thoughts on “Area Geology & Volcanoes

  1. KEITH M. wrote – ” I’ve been watching this volcano down in southern Mexico for months and months now. This is the first time I’ve heard mention of explosions. There was a lot of ash emissions when I first began monitoring Popocatépetl(Popo for short). Then some time latter short episodes of small amounts of magma ozing from the volcano dome. Sometimes small spits of luminous rocks. San Antonio & California are already set as evacuation locations for millions of citizens should an eruption take place(see evacuation map on webpage). There have also been seismic events surrounding this volcano large enough for reporting by USGS earthquake standards that weren’t reported by USGS. I checked this volcano because of all the earthquakes in that region. There are links to pictures of the volcano on this page.”

  2. Hey, y’all remember T-Rex, the gigantic monster they brought in and banged around the sinkhole for awhile? Yesterday, I caught a piece on the Weather Channel about liquefaction during earthquakes. They haul that big thing around to simulate earthquakes in areas where the geology has the right characteristics for liquefaction to occur (the New Madrid region). The purpose of this is to locate an area that readings show liquefaction will likely occur in the event of an earthquake; and then set that thing to work shaking the heck out of the ground until they collapse the area in a controlled manner. It was a piece in one of their ” Hacking the Planet” series.

    I just thought it was interesting that that is what they use it for. They also did a show on volcanos and tapping the energy contained in them…not just recovering the steam from an existing hot spring or natural venting site but, drilling into them to a certain depth where the pressure is great enough to be harnessed. Seems a bit risky to me to have a bunch of holes drilled in there; and then also have a whole bunch of fracking rigs and injection waste wells that are simultaneously shaking and breaking things up.

  3. And, I have the utmost confidence that none of those activities have anything to do with Keith’s Popo Volcano acting up, or any of the other “extinct” volcanos that have been rumbling back to life from Texas to Arizona. After all, they did pay to have a study done that claims this is safe and doesn’t cause earthquakes. :/

    • oh, recall Texas Brine’s claim that some ‘other’ earthquake cause the salt dome fail and not all their shenanigans

      • They’re just talking about drilling a geo-thermal well, something that’s been in use for decades in iceland and through-out the world, though to read the article you’d think that Blackwell was the one to discover it…

        “The potential is immense, because once we can develop the technology, then we can make accessible areas which were not previously utilizable from geothermal power,”

        Though I’d personally question the sanity of someone who’s willing to drill into a ‘SLEEPING’ volcano, haven’t they ever seen the film “Dante’s Peak”, that too was set in the ‘Cascade’ region of North America.

      • Yea David 7426, I’ve seen videos on geothermal energy generation in Greenland. A large percentage of the electrcity is generated through this process. Good idea for them because they have many active source of heat available to easily tap. They also have tons of ice near those heat vents. This idea doesn’t sound financially feasible in Oregon.

      • I agree Keith, a more suspicious person than ourselves, might wonder if they’re up to something else, or may suspect that this may perhaps be one of those ‘get rich quick’ schemes that the backers suddenly find has made their money disappear, never to seen again 😉

        Or, maybe, Blackwell knows something that no-one else does.

      • To finish my thought, there’s also that subsidence fault nearby in the Pacific Ocean. Are they going to inject the citizens drinking water from a reservoir and/or river? We saw what using corn-base ethinal did to the price of corn and meat.

  4. Yeah, none of that gas and brine that they forced under super pressure into the nearby faults would have anything to do with why those lubricated faults got to moving around!

      • Tennessee Copper Basin
        (During the Late Proterozoic Era – 750 to 570 million years ago) … Large copper deposits formed in the area we now know as Copper Basin, near Ducktown, Tennessee. Geologists think that these ore deposits probably formed from hot fluids escaping from deep within the Earth through vents in this ancient sea floor. Metal-rich “black smokers” discovered recently in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Washington and Oregon may represent a modern analogy.
        America’s Volcanic Past Tennessee

        Copper Basin Cleanup

        The Copperhill Story
        By the 1870s over 50 square miles of land had been stripped completely bare of trees. Toxic fumes expelled from the open ore roasting pits created acid rain, which killed off the remaining vegetation. And although the smelters were enclosed in 1904 to trap and produce sulfuric acid, the area remained devoid of vegetation for over a hundred years.

    • I saw that top vid when it was new. I couldn’t believe the ignorance of these people sitting so close it it!

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